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Often asked, “When are you going back to Samoa?,” the answer for Missionary Evangelists James and Mindy Wiese is: “In God’s timing.”

The Wieses believe they must obey the Lord and wait for His timing, because He has a purpose and a plan. Currently while they wait, they are going about the work of the Lord where He opens doors. Mindy continues to minister with many opportunities, and ministers where God needs her, and is now a licensed minister of the Church of God. She travels some with the Roxanne Potter Ministries team, and being support staff is a great place to glean and learn. Recently, the Wieses ministered with Awaken the Nations, working as co-laborers with Bruce and Joy Clegg.

James and Mindy’s hearts are running after what God wants for their lives; yet, there are times when they question this journey. The vision of their hearts is they see before them nations … not only Samoa and the islands of the South Pacific, but many others where there are souls ready for the harvest.

The journey has not been easy, yet they rejoice in all the Lord has done—seasons of change, growth, and pruning. Last year brought challenges in the family, finances, and relationships. The Wieses affirm they know that they believe … because without faith, it is impossible to please God.

The Wieses’ Living on Grace Ministries seeks to be the Lord’s hands extended, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ by bringing the gospel message to those who have not heard, and to be carriers of the presence and glory of God.

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Chuck and Sherry Quinley who are directors of Emerge and MediaLight, report that 2016 was a pretty awesome year!

The Quinleys were able to purchase land and pay for it in full for the new MediaLight Creativity Center, as well as having the plans drawn for the facility. With the Thai government approval, which included the signature of the governor, a road was cut, 25 electric poles were installed, a transformer provided, and 140 pilings (25 ft. long each) were driven into the earth for the foundations.

Another set of amazing leaders from around the world graduated at MediaLight 8.0. In addition, 20-plus Manila, Philippines, inner city barrio kids were scholarshipped to college by God’s grace and the generosity of Emerge donors. MediaLight was also allowed to enter for the first time the Thai public school system, and were warmly welcomed and permitted to present the gospel to 65 high schoolers.

All this was made possible by the costly collaboration of 100-200 people from around the world who serve, give, and intercede for the work of Emerge, its staff and national partners. It takes everyone to keep the momentum going.

Chuck emphatically says: “It’s working!”

To partner with the Quinleys click this number: #060-0031

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Most of the world captures the essence of Christmas and rejoices at the words of the angel and heavenly hosts who declared in Luke 2:14: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Peace is random in many countries of the world, and while we in the United States enjoy celebrating, others are not as fortunate … they even suffer persecution if they do.

In an Asian country, our Church of God representative there tells us: “Our second outreach for December in the village went well. Two Buddhists received salvation and will be baptized soon. Sadly, the children were not allowed to join our children’s Christmas festivities, because a Buddhist teacher told them if they participated, they would be beaten and punished. They did not attend.

“At another village we visited, the monks tried to stop the event and went to our elders and forbad us to conduct the event. We would rather ‘listen to God than men’ was our response, and we are pushing through the resistance.

“Please cover us in prayer!”


His name is Beam, and he is a 21-year-old student in Andrew Quinley’s History of English class at the university in Thailand.

Beam has a heart condition that when he exerts himself, his heart beats faster and seems to have no slow-down switch … increasing in speed until exhaustion, usually meaning he faints. His mother and brother have the same condition.

Andrew has talked with Beam, who expresses great mental and physical stress from the condition. A doctor told him he needed surgery to put an electrode in his heart that would shock it back into a regular rhythm—alas, the cost of $3,500 is not an option. Andrew had prayer with Beam and assured him others would be praying, too, for his healing, and trusting God to do a miracle. Hopefully, the financial need can be met for the surgery, as well.

Beam is a prisoner in his own body—and that is why he tried to commit suicide five times, once sitting and staring at a knife in his hand for two hours. Jesus can put His hand on Beam’s heart and cause it to grow stronger. Please lend your prayers to this urgent need, and maybe you also would like to donate to enable him to have surgery to correct the problem.

Missionaries are involved in more than Preaching and Teaching!

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Many Christmas decorations have a “Made in Taiwan” sticker on them, but Taiwan being 97 percent Buddhist and Animist does not celebrate Christmas as a whole. The Chinese people are great business people and so at Christmas time, all the shops and businesses are decorated with lots of Christmas decorations because it has red in it—a happy, festive color for the Chinese and the Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) that soon follows Christmas. The New Year holiday is a gift-giving and food and family celebration with time off from work and includes extra bonuses, much like our Christmas holiday. In January, the Chinese celebrate a “Light Festival” and have parades with light-themed floats.

The 3 percent Christians in Taiwan use this time to share with their Buddhist neighbors, family, and friends by having a Christmas program at the church with the children of these people. The families want to see their children perform in these Christmas programs that proclaim the message Jesus came as God’s greatest gift to bridge the broken relationship between Him and mankind. The Buddhists are excited to see how Christmas is celebrated with stories, plays, songs, and special foods. Another outreach is the Christian and non-Christian young people who go in “caroling caravans” (cars and motorcycles) for an all-night visitation of church members’ apartments and homes, and ends the next morning by crashing on the Pastor’s living room floor after hot cider and lichee-nut rice porridge soup to catch a nap before they return to their student dorms or housing. They sing Christmas songs that carry the message of “Joy to the World, the Lord Has Come” or “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Silent Night Holy Night,” and “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Some churches build floats for the “Light-themed Parade” displaying “Jesus is the Light of the World,” and throw candy from the float and distribute tracts to the people along the parade route, thereby being a Christian witness in the Buddhist parade.

Christians in Taiwan use the holiday time to invite their Buddhist family and friends to see what Christmas is really about … they share God’s love and good news through plays, songs, food, fun, and fellowship in a festive celebration—they sow the seed and God gives the increase.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Crystal Walker is an employee of World Missions and a former missionary to Taiwan. She is also the daughter of deceased former World Missions Director Herb Walker.


myanmar-borderChristmas ministry in Myanmar is a great opportunity to reach many people with the message of Christ. All their ministries began as a result of the Christmas outreaches.

The outreach this year encompasses 16 different events in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. First, they hold the main event in Yangon City, then they visit villages from December 4 until 10 … villages where they’ve never heard of Jesus.

During Christmas, the ministry group does concerts and sometimes they are fortunate that many people gather for them to share about Jesus and His salvation. Each gathering roughly costs about $300, which covers food and the transportation of the band and instruments. One of the concert events will be held at the People’s Park right in the center of the city of Yangon. Their hope and desire is to conduct 11 more events, a total of $4800. Funding is difficult to come by and they are depending on God to provide.

If you would like to help with this evangelistic outreach, under the auspices of People for Care and Learning, please send your contribution to: Project Number 102-1019-047. Lives are waiting to hear about Jesus and His love.

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