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Forty-three years ago January 2017, Kuulei and Tom O’Dowd were joined together in marriage in Honaunau, Hawaii.

Both still stand amazed how God brought a wild New York young man over 6,000 miles to the shores of Kona to witness to, win, woo, and then wed his beautiful flower … Kuuleilani-nani. In spite of coming from different places and cultures, God proved faithful. Years have come and gone and they remain strong in His grace.

The O’Dowds have given the world the message of His Word. They have been invited by Church of God teacher Benson Vaughan to teach missions classes at the Church of God Seminary (SEMISUD) in Quito, Ecuador. Tom is thrilled to teach world missions to students who will take the gospel into South America, as well as to the uttermost reaches of the world. The O’Dowds have been able to equip pastors and students from around the globe to go into North Africa, the Middle East, Malta, Asia, and other areas that need the Word of Jesus Christ.

Besides being active in their new church, Grace Fellowship Church of God, the O’Dowds will be doing some major missionary travels this year in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Malta, Albania, and Austria. They are praying about going into Asia, as well as back to Ecuador, visiting Paraguay and Chile while there. The O’Dowds have found God’s people are the same all over the world; we may be separated by geography and language, but we’re all united by the love, grace, and Spirit of God.

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WALTRIP MINISTRIES: New Ways to Reach the Unreached

Associate Missionary Blayne Waltrip’s ministry involves teaching at Bible schools and seminaries around the world training pastors, leaders, and church planters. He also helps national and regional leaders to develop formal and informal education by developing new schools of ministry in various countries.


Since 2011, thousands of leaders, pastors, and church planters have been trained around the globe, including Australia, China, France, Belgium, Canada, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Uruguay, and the USA.


Blayne’s upcoming schedule is off to a running start this year, and he will visit Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, California, Brazil, Argentina, Washington state, Switzerland, Belgium, Albania, Ireland, Czech Republic, India, Japan, and beginning in 2018 in India and Kenya.

A new high quality “Planting Healthy Churches” course (Bachelor’s level) was developed with Multiplication Network for schools around the world.


One of many testimonials states: “There is a growing need for Dr. Waltrip’s specific bent of ministry, because as we inch closer to fulfilling the Great Commission, the Holy Spirit is revealing new and creative ways to reach the unreached ones so very dear to God’s Heart. And that’s exactly what this ministry is about—finding new tools and methods to help equip the laborers in their work at the very frontier of missions.”   Safire Bose, former ASCM student from Bangladesh

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In recent posts, we reported that Lee University adopted the Church of God Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia as its project for missions efforts. The main thrust of the emphasis brought new items for the school via books for the library, school supplies, a new science lab, and so forth.

A young lady by the name of Lindsey Slaughter, who is a home missionary through Indian Ministries of North America located in Cleveland, Tennessee, contacted Lee University with this message:

“We receive many donations throughout the year, and, at times, become overwhelmed with extra blessings. I recently attended Lee U. chapel and heard Pastor Jimmy Harper say that donations of books for the library at the school in Liberia were being accepted. Here at IMNA, we have several boxes of age-appropriate and topic-appropriate books that were donated to us to distribute, along with several library organization items. I hope our donations will benefit the efforts in Liberia.”

An unexpected source will provide more blessings for a needy project through cooperation efforts.

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Short-term Missionary Evangelist/Educator Manning Thornton is excited that his wife, Jane, has joined him to work fulltime at his Missions for Christ office and to travel in ministry with Manning overseas. Their previous schedules prevented them from celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays together. Now they will also have more time to communicate with their great supporters and partners.

South America

For several years, teaching and training has been done in Colombia, South America, with Missionaries Wayne and Phyllys Woziak. This year in the school, a class of 30 young men and women will be pastors and leaders. For the past eight years, 85 percent of the graduating classes have planted new churches!

Down Under

At a crusade in Yombi, Australia, a man at the back of the congregation screamed loudly, shuffled down the aisle, as stiff as a board. He spun around and went to the altar. Later, after his salvation, he related he was resisting going to the altar. He had been listening to the services outside the building for several days, but that night he felt a fire in his feet, and something pushed him off his seat. By the time he reached the altar, the fire had come up his legs, but left at his conversion. The man’s adult son had been saved in the morning service!

On to Africa

In December, Manning will again be preaching at the Church of God Uganda National Conference held in Kampala. Another tremendous move of the Holy Spirit is expected this year, as every altar service pastors and leaders are crying out to God.

Manning says: “We go in the name of the Lord. We go for the Lord.”

Project Number 065-0184

God’s Second Great Gift to Me

It’s funny how a major health scare will help you put things that are really important into perspective.

cbo-border-graphic-2016In 2011, at the age of 46, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Needless to say, my family and I were devastated.

That year our Christmas started in March. After surgery, one of my doctors didn’t hold out much hope for me without rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. However, he did not have the final say regarding my treatment plan. My God said: “You do not need chemotherapy and radiation, for I have healed you.”

Christmas that year was more special than I could have ever hoped or asked for. I received a second gift from God for which I could never repay—my healing. I am here today to tell you I am still walking in that healing and I have been declared cancer-free!

golden-article-picJim Golden is Manager of Information Technology for Church of God World Missions

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Restoration International Outreach Missions Banquet

Giving Above and Beyond “Intentions”rio-griffis-hepperly-banquest_0487

“To go boldly in Christ where no one dares, to shine His light, to share His name, to meet the need, to help, to feed, to reach this world ’til Kingdom come.”

With a resounding affirmation of this theme, RIO Missions President and Pastor Ron Hepperly and over 200 supporters, leaders, and friends of RIO Missions gathered Friday night, November 11, for their annual celebration of what God is doing around the world.

RIO Missions’ commitment to “Loving God, Empowering Families and Reaching the World” has led to more than 16 years of global impact, 600,000 plus reached, 200,000 plus salvations and 1000 plus church plants.

Joining the celebration as guest speaker was Dr. David M. Griffis, General Director of Church of God World Missions, who inspired his listeners with the admonition that “The Bible is a Book of Missions” from Genesis to Revelation, because God is a God of Missions and following the example of Jesus, we too must fulfill the Great Commission.

Pastor Ron Hepperly is being used of God in novel and groundbreaking ways. Pastor Ronnie, as he is known to his church, is the senior pastor of the RIO network of churches, based in Maryville, Tennessee, near Knoxville. RIO serves communities from its original site and other locations, and is also a global missions and church planting organization.

rio-hepperly-jar_0479Although the participants at this banquet were a reflection of the broad support and reach of this vital ministry, using a small plastic jar with a faded white label and a slit in the top, Pastor Hepperly illustrated the “missions money” faithfully saved by an elderly member of the congregation who recently died. With the impact of this little story, he challenged everyone present to give above and beyond their “intentions” as this dear lady did with untold joy.

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