Like the rest of us, missionaries must face the loss of a loved one.

On Thanksgiving Day, Steven and Candace Day received the news his grandmother had passed away. They were faced with the decision to attempt to change their tickets and head home, or stay until their scheduled departure date on December 19th.

Candice was in the middle of a normal school day when Steven called her and their hearts yearned to be in South Carolina with the family. Steven’s family graciously offered to cover the ticket change fee, Delta waived some fees, and Candice’s school gave her extra time off … the next morning they were on the plane to the States!

Upon arriving at the funeral, they discovered that in lieu of flowers, memorials were to be given to Heart for Honduras. Steven’s grandmother was a godly 91-year-old woman who was proud of what Steven and Candace had stepped out in faith to do on the mission field. And here at her death, she was still supporting them after leaving this earth.

Steven courageously spoke at her graveside with strength and with words of wisdom. Although they missed Honduras, they were grateful for the time they had with their family.


HEART FOR HONDURAS  – Project number 065-0948


Joe and Christina Byrum serve Church of God World Missions as parachurch missionaries to England, where they will be ministering to the Chinese who have immigrated into the United Kingdom.

The Byrums have had a bit of a rough start in getting to the mission field as first their home took especially long to sell, and then before the holidays, Christina had a car accident that prevented them from making the trip home for Thanksgiving, but they managed to get there for Christmas. On the way back home, God also protected them from two separate car wrecks, even the car malfunctioning! But now, England is definitely on the horizon and they will leave in February for a three-week vision-casting journey. Part of the Byrums’ initiation will be immersing themselves in the culture of the UK, and learning the ins and outs of daily life there.

The trip is a great opportunity and affords them the blessing of being involved in the ministry firsthand with their teammates.

As with any missions effort, funds are a vital part of preparation. While praying for guidance from the Lord, the Byrums are also praying for monthly partners to help them follow the course to which God has called them. Pray that God will continue to open doors for them to speak with churches in the area.

To partner in ministry with the Byrums, click here.



Often asked, “When are you going back to Samoa?,” the answer for Missionary Evangelists James and Mindy Wiese is: “In God’s timing.”

The Wieses believe they must obey the Lord and wait for His timing, because He has a purpose and a plan. Currently while they wait, they are going about the work of the Lord where He opens doors. Mindy continues to minister with many opportunities, and ministers where God needs her, and is now a licensed minister of the Church of God. She travels some with the Roxanne Potter Ministries team, and being support staff is a great place to glean and learn. Recently, the Wieses ministered with Awaken the Nations, working as co-laborers with Bruce and Joy Clegg.

James and Mindy’s hearts are running after what God wants for their lives; yet, there are times when they question this journey. The vision of their hearts is they see before them nations … not only Samoa and the islands of the South Pacific, but many others where there are souls ready for the harvest.

The journey has not been easy, yet they rejoice in all the Lord has done—seasons of change, growth, and pruning. Last year brought challenges in the family, finances, and relationships. The Wieses affirm they know that they believe … because without faith, it is impossible to please God.

The Wieses’ Living on Grace Ministries seeks to be the Lord’s hands extended, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ by bringing the gospel message to those who have not heard, and to be carriers of the presence and glory of God.

Click Here to Support: Project Number 065-0950


Career Missionaries Rodney and Carol Friend are once again returning to the missions field.

Years of Service

Having served in Romania as a missionary teacher from 1990 to 1993, as education coordinator for Europe from 1995 to 1999, and as missionary teacher at European Theological Seminary in Germany beginning in 2006, the Friends have extensive experience in the field of education. Their tenure was cut short when Rodney developed serious physical health issues and they returned to the States, where he received treatment. He has recovered and for the last couple of years has pastored the Houghton Lake Church of God in Michigan.

Romanian Conference in Pennsylvania

At the end of last year, Rodney was privileged to attend the Romanian Conference in Reading, Pennsylvania. Since Bucharest, Romania, was their first missionary appointment, it was good for them to reconnect with some former students and faculty, and even meet new ones.

God Has Opened the Door

The Friends believe God opened the door of service for them when the World Missions Department asked them to consider a new responsibility in Africa … that of director of Discipleship College in Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. They now face three months of itineration to raise financial support so they may arrive in Africa by April 2017.

Happy, Happy, Happy

To say they are happy to return is an understatement. Africa will be a new area for them, but they are elated at the challenge. The Friends strongly believe in discipling and training men/women for the ministry to their own peoples.

Openings are available for them to visit your church. Please contact them at rc83friend@aol.com or phone 989-889-1444. Online donations can also be made at Church of God World Missions under Africa, then click on their name. Project number 606-0016

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Bloodworths have served Africa for 42 years!

Veteran career missionaries Gordon and Glenda Bloodworth are grateful to have been serving in Africa for 42 years! They love their beautiful home, and enjoyed a good Christmas.

Of special enjoyment is one of their daughters, Laura, who decorated the Christmas tree. Laura is disabled and the decorating gets a bit heavy on the bottom of the tree, as she can only reach so far, but Gordon fixes what she cannot reach. Laura does well, but her muscles continue to weaken and she has much difficulty walking with her walking frame. Thankfully, Laura can still care for herself somewhat, and is healthy and strong.

The Bloodworths’ service in Africa has spanned various positions: Ghana as education director; missionary teachers in South Africa; administrative assistant and representative in Zaire; field representative in Africa/French-speaking; education director, regional Bible school director, and missionary in Kenya.

Last year provided some exciting events, such as the graduation at Discipleship College in Eldoret, Kenya. Humanitarian efforts prepared cushions for wheelchair patients. The Bloodworths are looking forward to 2017 in anticipation of what God is going to do … their hearts’ desire is to be found faithful to the cause of Jesus Christ.

Click here to partner with Gordon and Glenda Bloodworth: Project Number 060-0044

A Little Comfort for Phebe Grey Orphanage at Christmas

Having just celebrated the Christmas season, we understand the gift of Jesus is the “real reason for the season.” Over the years, however, we add traditions to the holiday that hold special meaning for us. Often are the family gatherings, the hearty meals, the special church services, and the wonderful gifts that help us commemorate the Christmas season and Jesus’ birth. We celebrate the Christ Child in grand fashion, and we feel so blessed to be able to do so.

Many around the world do not have the comforts we take for granted during the holidays … many do not gather with family, cannot enjoy hearty meals, and will not have gifts under the tree. It is quite difficult to enjoy the warmth and blessing of Christmas without remembering those who are not able to participate in the special functions we hold as common.

At the end of 2016, Lee University was able to help the children and staff at the Church of God Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia, Africa, to enjoy a little comfort at Christmas. Missionaries Max and Debbie Thompson, directors of Phebe Grey, utilized money from gifts given by Lee University students, faculty, and staff to purchase gifts for everyone at the facility. They received new clothes, a delicious meal, and lots of warm wishes from Cleveland, Tennessee, in hopes they could experience the goodness of a great, loving God during the holiday season.

What can you or your church do to help spread the love of Christ next Christmas or throughout the new year?

Click here to partner with Lee University in helping the children and staff of Phebe Grey Orphanage. 

NOTE: Jimmy Harper is Campus Pastor for Lee University and expedites the emphasis on Missions and the projects Lee U sponsors.

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After 10 years of service at People for Care and Learning and a partnership with World Missions, Dr. Fred Garmon passes the baton of leadership to pastor of Pathway Church of God in Mobile, Alabama; Travis Johnson.

Much was accomplished during Fred’s time at the helm of PCL. He loved what he was doing, and it was evidenced by sentiment expressed in a statement once made which says—“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” His work with PCL and especially his relationship with Southeast Asia, Cambodia, the PCL family, and government leaders was an honor and highlight of his tenure. Fred enjoyed every step of this segment of his race in life.

Fred’s association with individuals such as former director Robert Pace; the Church of God and World Missions leadership; the PCL Board of Directors; colleagues and friends; Mike and Sandy Forbis; philanthropist Dr. John Gregory; USA staff members; the missionaries who went to live in Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap … Julie Martinez, Simon and Dora Valenzuela, all the Khmer family who served as staff; and, of course, his wife Shirley, who provided invaluable business acumen to the office, all added to his successful journey.

Dr. Fred Garmon truly inspired hope and empowered the potential that was placed in his capable hands. People for Care and Learning was a “Community for Good.” Fred states: “My work and ministry in Cambodia has been the most enjoyable and productive 10 years of my life!

To partner financially with People for Care and Learning, click here:#102-1019


Chuck and Sherry Quinley who are directors of Emerge and MediaLight, report that 2016 was a pretty awesome year!

The Quinleys were able to purchase land and pay for it in full for the new MediaLight Creativity Center, as well as having the plans drawn for the facility. With the Thai government approval, which included the signature of the governor, a road was cut, 25 electric poles were installed, a transformer provided, and 140 pilings (25 ft. long each) were driven into the earth for the foundations.

Another set of amazing leaders from around the world graduated at MediaLight 8.0. In addition, 20-plus Manila, Philippines, inner city barrio kids were scholarshipped to college by God’s grace and the generosity of Emerge donors. MediaLight was also allowed to enter for the first time the Thai public school system, and were warmly welcomed and permitted to present the gospel to 65 high schoolers.

All this was made possible by the costly collaboration of 100-200 people from around the world who serve, give, and intercede for the work of Emerge, its staff and national partners. It takes everyone to keep the momentum going.

Chuck emphatically says: “It’s working!”

To partner with the Quinleys click this number: #060-0031

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As with most college campuses, activity is usually rampant and that is no less the case with our European Theological Seminary in Germany.

Youth Experience Overwhelming Presence of God

Finding themselves in a remote village on top of a mountain, the ETS community was full of life and action during a special youth emphasis day. One event the students prepared for recently was the Holy Spirit Night. Coordinated with the Crossroads International Church in Freudenstadt Germany, the group of young people and staff experienced the overwhelming presence of the Lord like never before and were grateful to God they were enabled to do so.

Extending ETS in Rwanda

ETS teachers Kenneth and Valerie Hamilton had an opportunity to teach an intensive course in Rwanda, Africa. The group of 50 pastors and leaders who attended came from Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar—many of whom traveled a day or more by bus to be there. The students’ eagerness to learn was matched only by their willingness to sleep on the floor for two weeks or putting up with the frequent water and power outages. Many of these students came from war-torn countries where they live in daily fear of violence and the lack of basic resources. Because of the lack of educational resources, the students were excited about the information covered in class and were anxious to return with it to their own congregations.

“… Keep them close …”

Experiencing God’s joy and blessing upon the last semester, ETS asks that you keep them close to your heart, as they share their joys, achievements, and needs.

Click the number to give online #710-0058. Be sure to include the number in the gift description.


Most of the world captures the essence of Christmas and rejoices at the words of the angel and heavenly hosts who declared in Luke 2:14: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Peace is random in many countries of the world, and while we in the United States enjoy celebrating, others are not as fortunate … they even suffer persecution if they do.

In an Asian country, our Church of God representative there tells us: “Our second outreach for December in the village went well. Two Buddhists received salvation and will be baptized soon. Sadly, the children were not allowed to join our children’s Christmas festivities, because a Buddhist teacher told them if they participated, they would be beaten and punished. They did not attend.

“At another village we visited, the monks tried to stop the event and went to our elders and forbad us to conduct the event. We would rather ‘listen to God than men’ was our response, and we are pushing through the resistance.

“Please cover us in prayer!”