Regional Superintendent/Representative-South Pacific Region Asia/Indonesia Tommy Smith delights in sharing God’s provision of workers in Hong Kong who intend to FINISH the Great Commission!

Recently, Pastor Danny Villa with Smith, prayed for and presented new ministerial credentials to some choice servants in Hong Kong. Two young men achieved the rank of Ordained Ministers, and seven ladies earned Exhorter status in the Church of God.

These dedicated individuals accepted the challenge of the Great Commission given by our Lord in Matthew 28:19 … “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

The newly-credentialed group are committed to reach the Chinese, Indonesians, Filipinos, and to whomever else the Holy Spirit will send them.

Partner with them in prayer for a last days’ miracle harvest in Hong Kong—the gateway to China!

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Urgent Request for Prayer from Pakistan

One of the leading pastors in Pakistan, and also the national representative, who is a very effective minister, evangelist, and UPG missionary is in need of our prayers.

He has been targeted by terrorists. The urgency is due to three bombings in the city where he and loved ones live. Pastor P., his family, and the church congregation have been photographed by strangers thought to be associated with the terrorists.

He is desperate for God’s provision and protection. Security cameras and even armed guards (which they do not have) are needed, especially during church services.

This pastor is asking the COG family around the world to pray for their safety and that security measures may be implemented in their church.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24 ESV).

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Benson and Cathy Vaughan, missionary educators at SEMISUD in South America, were featured speakers at a Christian Education conference in the largest city of Ecuador—Guayaquil. The people were so gracious to their ministry.

The Vaughans taught several general sessions for approximately 700 participants. Their small class sessions included lessons for children, teenagers, and adults. At the conclusion of the sessions, the Vaughans prayed for the groups and then the classes prayed for them. Already they have been asked to return for next year’s conference.

The host pastor, Brother Edgar, and his congregation celebrated their 11th anniversary, and the Vaughans were privileged to be the guest speakers.

Benson and Cathy are so grateful for their ministry partners who, through their faithful prayers and monthly financial support, have allowed them to continue a vital ministry throughout Ecuador and South America. On this particular trip, the Vaughans were able to minister to over 700 leaders who will return to their home churches better educated.

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The ministry of South American Call headed by Joe Mercer travels the Amazon conducting crusades and a school of ministry to obsolete villages along the river. But there are other venues that involve the workers, and God makes provision.

Such a situation was Baby Ariana who desperately needed cosmetic surgery on her lip. Living in a village where no real medical help is available, it was almost a hopeless situation. One can only imagine the difficulties the child experienced, as well as the emotional trauma associated with the disfigurement.

God placed people in South American Call who were willing and able to help Ariana. She had the first surgery and did well—her parents are happy for the improvement. While there will be more surgeries in the future, this is a great start!

Project number 065-0125 and designate Ariana


Robert and Jeanette Cary, former veteran missionaries and currently World Missions associate field representatives/evangelists, continue to lift high the torch of supporting missions efforts around the world.

Although the Carys have recently struggled through serious health issues—he surgery for cancer and now taking chemical treatments as a preventative measure, and she recovering from spine surgery—it has not dampened their compassion and desire to help the less fortunate.

The integrity of their ministry speaks for itself. In 2016, because of faithful partners, the Carys were privileged to send $67,050 to 21 countries and to American Indian Ministries in five States! Bob’s motto is “the Great Commission must never become the Great Omission.”

In the late 1800s, one of the most influential preachers ever, Charles Spurgeon, said, “The greatest works are done by the ones. The hundreds do not often do much, the companies never; it is the units, the single individuals, that are the power and the might.”

The power and might of God’s provision continues to flow into the lives of the Carys, because, until Jesus comes, they must go.

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Robert Schmidt, missionary to Romania, knows full well that one act of kindness opens doors for other ministry to occur.

Upon visiting the village of Rupa where they went to give food and clothing, Bob asked if he could come back and dedicate a baby to the Lord. Not only did he get to dedicate the baby, but he was able to preach a message the Lord laid on his heart about the love God has for people, regardless of who they are or where they live. Anyone can trust the Lord, even when things look difficult. As a result, Bob was invited to return and to preach in revival meetings. Rupa is a small village with about 10 to 12 families, half are not Christians, but every person matters to the Lord.

Having watched people asking for food during the winter, the Schmidts began a year ago feeding as many people as possible.

Initially, those at the center pitched in to get started. Since then, several churches are assisting and the ministry has grown to feeding about 200 people a week in three villages—Gepiu, Tinaud, and Ineu.

In Gepiu, there are two separate gypsy communities. They intended on feeding just children, but the old people said, “What about us … we have nothing,” so they are fed, as well. In Tinaud, an extremely poor family without parents lives in a two-room shack, with one mattress on the floor. This is the same village where earlier parents slept in shifts because they had to watch for rats trying to eat their children’s feet. Mattresses are desperately needed. In Ineu, when the van pulls up to the place where the children are fed, they clap and shout. Rightfully so, the children are excited to eat warm food, learn songs, and hear more Bible stories.

Robert and Caroline Schmidt are living and preaching the gospel, but are only able to do ministry because of your financial partnership.

To give online, please use Project Number 731-1169.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

Heart for Honduras, headed by Steven and Candace Day, wants to assist Jose Eduardo, the one-year-old son of their neighbors in Honduras.

Since arriving back to Honduras at the beginning of this year, the Days have witnessed Eduardo battle sickness. From ear infections to a stomach flu that required he be in the hospital for a week, he’s had a difficult time for his first year of life.

The current struggle is that Eduardo needs a special brace that will help correct an issue with his leg. His right knee is not lined up properly, causing him to walk with a limp. The brace cost approximately $350. Additionally, Eduardo is having therapy and is taking prescription vitamins to help his bone health. The medication alone costs $50 a month. For this family, this is a huge financial burden they cannot cover with what they earn.

Galatians 6:2 tells us to “bear one another’s burdens,” so the Days not only cover this family in prayer, but also have offered assistance to the family during Eduardo’s illness with medicine and finances to help pay for his hospital stay. Steven and Candice feel it a great honor to call them their very best friends.

Please … “love your [global] neighbor as yourself, (Matt. 22)”

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Christmas is vastly different in Kenya, Africa, where Missionary Marcia Anderson teaches at Discipleship College. No Christmas trees, no Christmas music, no lights to show it’s a different season.

Yet, it is a special time when young people marry, churches have youth camps, and streets are crowded with people shopping for Christmas clothes for their children. Families travel home to their villages to visit family for Christmas and eat “kuku” (chicken) and “chapatis (unleavened bread) which everyone loves.

For Marcia, it was a time to rest and she was able to finish two books: her autobiography The Shepherd’s Network, and Tea Without Sugar: Chastened for a Destiny. Any profits from these books will help bring scholarship students to Discipleship College.

At the close of last year, there was a constructive alumni meeting, a festive graduation, and an excellent faculty training and staff retreat. Some of their colleagues from other institutions in the missionary fellowship helped them.

Marcia looks forward to teaching Hebrew again and Old Testament Survey at the diploma level. The approval has not yet come for the school to become a constituent college of the Asian Seminary for Christian Ministry. Please pray an important paper that ASCM needs will arrive quickly so they can begin, as they are believing for increased enrollment.

Marcia Anderson: Project 060-0054 (click here to partner online).


For information about these books contact info@cogwm.org with your information and Church of God World Missions will contact her about your interest.

Ministry on the Battle Frontier

Educational directors in Eastern Ukraine, Eberhard (Ebi) and Natasha Dudszuses, used their recent visit to the States for the General Assembly to visit various churches. They had opportunity to visit and minister in new churches—Russian-speaking and American.


A new friendship was established with the missions pastor of a large church in South Carolina. Mark Hill and Ebi talked for several hours about Eastern Ukraine and reaching people with the gospel. Mark will be going to Slavyansk later this year to participate in a missions conference, and will provide them with special technical equipment for the work they are doing close to the frontline.


The missions school has a good mixture of theology/teaching and practical subjects like children’s ministry, counseling, first-aid, defusing mines, and how to evacuate people out of the danger zone in case of shelling and shooting. Yes, these missionaries and individuals are actually on the frontline of battle in the natural sense. A great thing is that they work with other evangelical denominations in order to make the ministry more effective. Twenty-six mission stations are functioning along the frontline.


Slavyansk was the site for the graduation of the seventh group of students and the Great Missions Conference. About 700 attended the conference, and when the new graduates came forward, it was a somber moment … these young people will go to the danger zone in order to share Jesus Christ.

Water baptism took place for about 100 people—most of whom live in the frontline area where their teams care for the people in need every day. As paradoxical as it may sound—our Lord uses the war situation to save people.


Forty-three years ago January 2017, Kuulei and Tom O’Dowd were joined together in marriage in Honaunau, Hawaii.

Both still stand amazed how God brought a wild New York young man over 6,000 miles to the shores of Kona to witness to, win, woo, and then wed his beautiful flower … Kuuleilani-nani. In spite of coming from different places and cultures, God proved faithful. Years have come and gone and they remain strong in His grace.

The O’Dowds have given the world the message of His Word. They have been invited by Church of God teacher Benson Vaughan to teach missions classes at the Church of God Seminary (SEMISUD) in Quito, Ecuador. Tom is thrilled to teach world missions to students who will take the gospel into South America, as well as to the uttermost reaches of the world. The O’Dowds have been able to equip pastors and students from around the globe to go into North Africa, the Middle East, Malta, Asia, and other areas that need the Word of Jesus Christ.

Besides being active in their new church, Grace Fellowship Church of God, the O’Dowds will be doing some major missionary travels this year in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Malta, Albania, and Austria. They are praying about going into Asia, as well as back to Ecuador, visiting Paraguay and Chile while there. The O’Dowds have found God’s people are the same all over the world; we may be separated by geography and language, but we’re all united by the love, grace, and Spirit of God.

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