Christmas is vastly different in Kenya, Africa, where Missionary Marcia Anderson teaches at Discipleship College. No Christmas trees, no Christmas music, no lights to show it’s a different season.

Yet, it is a special time when young people marry, churches have youth camps, and streets are crowded with people shopping for Christmas clothes for their children. Families travel home to their villages to visit family for Christmas and eat “kuku” (chicken) and “chapatis (unleavened bread) which everyone loves.

For Marcia, it was a time to rest and she was able to finish two books: her autobiography The Shepherd’s Network, and Tea Without Sugar: Chastened for a Destiny. Any profits from these books will help bring scholarship students to Discipleship College.

At the close of last year, there was a constructive alumni meeting, a festive graduation, and an excellent faculty training and staff retreat. Some of their colleagues from other institutions in the missionary fellowship helped them.

Marcia looks forward to teaching Hebrew again and Old Testament Survey at the diploma level. The approval has not yet come for the school to become a constituent college of the Asian Seminary for Christian Ministry. Please pray an important paper that ASCM needs will arrive quickly so they can begin, as they are believing for increased enrollment.

Marcia Anderson: Project 060-0054 (click here to partner online).


For information about these books contact with your information and Church of God World Missions will contact her about your interest.


In recent posts, we reported that Lee University adopted the Church of God Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia as its project for missions efforts. The main thrust of the emphasis brought new items for the school via books for the library, school supplies, a new science lab, and so forth.

A young lady by the name of Lindsey Slaughter, who is a home missionary through Indian Ministries of North America located in Cleveland, Tennessee, contacted Lee University with this message:

“We receive many donations throughout the year, and, at times, become overwhelmed with extra blessings. I recently attended Lee U. chapel and heard Pastor Jimmy Harper say that donations of books for the library at the school in Liberia were being accepted. Here at IMNA, we have several boxes of age-appropriate and topic-appropriate books that were donated to us to distribute, along with several library organization items. I hope our donations will benefit the efforts in Liberia.”

An unexpected source will provide more blessings for a needy project through cooperation efforts.

To assist and partner with Phebe Grey Orphanage click here.


Some 30 years ago, Pastor Emmanuel J. Moodley planted a new church with only 12 members under the shade of a large tree on a vacant lot in Durban, South Africa. Today, the Bethsaida Full Gospel Church of God boasts a membership of 10,000.

Currently serving as Second Deputy Moderator of the Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa, this illustrious pastor has not only ministered to those in his immediate parish, but has touched innumerable nations with his ministry … Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Seychelles, Rodriquez, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bahamas, Hawaii, Cuba, Jamaica, Russia, England, Hungary, Ile De Sol, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Panama City, West Indies, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, Egypt, Namibia, Lesotho, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Ghana, Cape Verde Island, the Czech Republic, Libya, Swaziland, Jordan, Malawi, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Iceland, Romania, Vatican City, Philippines, Senegal, as well as 51 trips to the USA.

Dr. Moodley’s heart is for the people, and he has initiated multiple programs of outreach during his tenure at the Bethsaida church, one being the launching of a Widows Ministry, an historic first for South Africa.

World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis, Assistant Director M. Thomas Propes, and Church of God World Missions wish Dr. Emmanuel J. Moodley congratulations on this landmark event, his 70th birthday—to a man who has made his years on earth count for the glory of God!


Part Two

The following morning, the general’s brother lost his courage. He contacted the general and explained what he had seen in the vision. The general said, “I know this pastor. He is a man of prayer, and I know there are people praying for him. Ask him to pay $600 instead and I will release him—$600. Not a penny more, not a penny less.”

The Church treasury had only $200, which was being prepared for mailing to the National Office. I told my children to sell some of my personal items and my wife’s clothes which raised an additional $200. The general refused the $400. My brother obtained the other $200 for a total of $600 and the general said, “You can go now.”

I wanted to know the reason for all this. He stated, “Your son got married, your daughter got married, but you never gave me anything when I got married twice. The place you live, you have gold, but you never gave me anything.” I explained to him that I was not involved in the gold extraction in the area. He replied, “This $600 is my share for that. Now leave!”

We were tired, weak, and in poor condition. My wife suffered pain in her chest because of the beatings. We could not walk, and were not given any food. My wife found some cassava and tarot near their camp that she roasted on an open fire, and we survived initially on that.

A young man in a nearby village met us on the way back home, and he brought food to strengthen us, thereby miraculously saving us in our weakened conditions.

All that transpired … the visions … the prayers of the saints … not only brought about release, but the prayers destabilized the kingdom of darkness. God’s angel appeared to the general and demanded they stop all activity against the population, or they would die! The soldiers were frightened and understood there was nothing they could do but to obey … they knew the power of Almighty God!


Part One

As many of you may remember, recently a pastor and his family in Africa were kidnapped by rebels. This first-hand account will show how God is able to deliver from the most impossible situations. Intercessors also played a key role in the family’s release, and we give thanks to God for answering earnest prayer.

“Evening … we had finished our meal; I sat on the veranda in the dark. Two young men who had been orphans that were raised in my home and left once older, were coming toward me. They had joined a group of militia in the forest. Accompanying them was a group of five people to whom they identified me as their father. Asking where my wife was, they then said we were under arrest. My daughter and my sister were also captured. It was raining. We were taken into the forest where we walked all night until 6 a.m. All of us were put into water, then whipped and tortured. When I asked what the problem was, they said I would be informed when the general arrived. We slept outside in the open with nothing to protect us from the cold. After one week, they again tortured us. My wife was beaten to the point she fainted.

One of the two orphans became angry. Remorse set in when they realized their mother was almost dead. The one young man wanted to shoot the other soldiers, but they lied to him to calm him. Because of his reaction, they stopped the torture. The general contacted the soldiers on a walkie-talkie and asked if I (the pastor) was there. He wanted to talk to me.

The reason for the kidnapping became crystal clear … he wanted $1,500 for our release. The general used to be an evangelist working under my supervision, so he knew my life and that I didn’t have that amount of money, nor could I afford to borrow it. Again, they began torturing us. Amazingly, the general’s brother was in the camp and had three separate visions during the night. In each one, he heard a voice telling him: “You must release this pastor, or you will die!”

(To be continued …)


Career Missionaries Rodney and Carol Friend are once again returning to the missions field.

Years of Service

Having served in Romania as a missionary teacher from 1990 to 1993, as education coordinator for Europe from 1995 to 1999, and as missionary teacher at European Theological Seminary in Germany beginning in 2006, the Friends have extensive experience in the field of education. Their tenure was cut short when Rodney developed serious physical health issues and they returned to the States, where he received treatment. He has recovered and for the last couple of years has pastored the Houghton Lake Church of God in Michigan.

Romanian Conference in Pennsylvania

At the end of last year, Rodney was privileged to attend the Romanian Conference in Reading, Pennsylvania. Since Bucharest, Romania, was their first missionary appointment, it was good for them to reconnect with some former students and faculty, and even meet new ones.

God Has Opened the Door

The Friends believe God opened the door of service for them when the World Missions Department asked them to consider a new responsibility in Africa … that of President of Bethel Theological College in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. They now are engaged in itineration to raise financial support so they may arrive in Africa by June 2017.

Happy, Happy, Happy

To say they are happy to return is an understatement. Africa will be a new area for them, but they are elated at the challenge. The Friends strongly believe in discipling and training men/women for the ministry to their own peoples.

Openings are available for them to visit your church. Please contact them at or phone 989-889-1444. Online donations can also be made at Church of God World Missions under Africa, then click on their name. Project number 060-0016

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A Little Comfort for Phebe Grey Orphanage at Christmas

Having just celebrated the Christmas season, we understand the gift of Jesus is the “real reason for the season.” Over the years, however, we add traditions to the holiday that hold special meaning for us. Often are the family gatherings, the hearty meals, the special church services, and the wonderful gifts that help us commemorate the Christmas season and Jesus’ birth. We celebrate the Christ Child in grand fashion, and we feel so blessed to be able to do so.

Many around the world do not have the comforts we take for granted during the holidays … many do not gather with family, cannot enjoy hearty meals, and will not have gifts under the tree. It is quite difficult to enjoy the warmth and blessing of Christmas without remembering those who are not able to participate in the special functions we hold as common.

At the end of 2016, Lee University was able to help the children and staff at the Church of God Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia, Africa, to enjoy a little comfort at Christmas. Missionaries Max and Debbie Thompson, directors of Phebe Grey, utilized money from gifts given by Lee University students, faculty, and staff to purchase gifts for everyone at the facility. They received new clothes, a delicious meal, and lots of warm wishes from Cleveland, Tennessee, in hopes they could experience the goodness of a great, loving God during the holiday season.

What can you or your church do to help spread the love of Christ next Christmas or throughout the new year?

Click here to partner with Lee University in helping the children and staff of Phebe Grey Orphanage. 

NOTE: Jimmy Harper is Campus Pastor for Lee University and expedites the emphasis on Missions and the projects Lee U sponsors.

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The Needs of the Phebe Grey Orphanage

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction …

Liaison of the Great Lakes Region, Julia Grey-Fraser and her husband Garry, are working in conjunction with Lee University to aid the Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia, Africa.

Julia, eleventh of 12 children, has a personal interest in the project … she is the daughter of Phebe Grey, who died in 1979. The orphanage was built in 1996 and bears her name.

The government of Liberia is financially strained and unable to assist orphanages like this one. The orphanage’s very existence depends upon the generosity of others. Only three orphanages in the country are allowed to accept orphans and Phebe Grey is one of them. Most of the children in Liberia were orphaned by civil conflicts, and the most recent, the Ebola crisis.

Often, we realize the many issues facing orphanages, but further inspection draws a more serious picture. First is the desperate need for repair and maintenance on the facility. The walls needed for protection around the compound need rebuilding and the roofs leak. Daily provisions of clothing and food are limited—the staple is rice, and if the children are fortunate enough, on rare occasions sometimes chicken is added.

While there are two wells from which to draw water, no running water is available. The orphanage is blessed with a generator, but because of a lack of fuel, it can be used for electricity only three hours a day. On-location medicine is a must, as the nearest clinic is 15 miles away and transportation becomes a problem, as well.

One of the greatest opportunities Phebe Grey offers is education … with education, a child can be empowered. Even this is a difficult pursuit, as school supplies are extremely limited. Lee University is assisting in providing some of the supplies needed for teaching and studying, and also helping to open a science lab so senior students do not have to travel to another location for use.

The more we know, the more we realize how the simple things can accomplish a great deal. Continued sustainability is their greatest need in order to succeed. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of such a momentous ministry?

Please send your contributions to Project Number 101-9004.

The Lord has admonished us in His Word to visit (provide for) the fatherless. How can we do less if we are obedient to His cause?


freedom-house-christmas-swiftAs schools in Kenya wind down in preparation for the Christmas holidays, several hundred children in a remote village face the possibility that their Christmas may not be one of cheer, but of hunger. With their school closed for the holidays, the children will no longer be receiving meals through Freedom House, which requires the use of the school kitchens. The use of these facilities while school is not in session is disallowed by Kenyan government policy.

Missionary Kathy Watson-Swift and her husband, Chris, intend to lend their aid to these families. They are raising funds now to provide meals, small gifts, and other supplies to the affected families and to see that their Christmas is filled with joy. This is an excellent opportunity to minister to these children and their parents.

Project Number: 065-0855-001

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Missions Week Liberia

p1070174-mov-15_20_27_18-still001The students of Lee University are doing their part to provide for the Phebe Grey Orphanage, and now it’s your turn! Last year’s efforts at the orphanage would not have been possible if it weren’t for donations and support from churches around the world. Much has been accomplished, but there is much still to be done.

The goals for this year’s extension of the Liberia project are to improve on-site security, continue renovations to the property, further expand both the library and the computer lab, construct a science lab, consistently provide better meals, recruit and retain more teachers who have a heart for Christ, and provide better health for students by increasing the protections against malaria.

The several hundred students of the on-site school, as well as the inhabitants of the orphanage itself, are excited and grateful for all that has been accomplished so far.

Books, for them, were a rare luxury until 2015’s Missions Week project provided 700 books as the beginning of a library, but that number needs to be significantly higher and the titles need to cover a much broader range of topics and educational benefits if this library is to truly succeed in educating these children.

A science classroom would help broaden the education of the orphanage’s students, increasing their likelihood of entering university and successfully escaping the poverty that has many Liberians bound. For many career fields, a grounding in physics, chemistry, or biology, is a useful tool. Modern agriculture, for example, relies heavily on biochemistry to improve crop yields and soil sustainability, and the proliferation of bio-science educated farmers could help to provide meals for all of the nation.

Proper nutrition goes far beyond rice and beans with the occasional selection of vegetables and less frequent chicken; modern understandings of bioscience indicates that students who are malnourished find it harder to focus on their studies, and there is more to good nutrition than simple calorie intake. With better food provisions, the students would study better and think more clearly in addition to the known benefits to overall physical health.

Malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses are extremely common in Liberia. According to Dr. Carolyn Dirksen of Lee University, everyone the team met on their trip last year had suffered from malaria at least once, and most had suffered from it annually. Access to malaria-blocking medication and the provision of more mosquito netting would help protect the lives of the children. The WHO estimates that mosquitos are more deadly than any other creature on Earth, including human beings. Far more people die per year from malaria and other mosquito-borne illness than all the wars, all the murders, and all the oppression of dictators all over the world.

Finishing the work at Phebe Grey will not be possible without the support of individual donors and churches. To provide for the needs of these orphans and staff, we need your help. To donate, click HERE.

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