Benson and Cathy Vaughan, missionary educators at SEMISUD in South America, were featured speakers at a Christian Education conference in the largest city of Ecuador—Guayaquil. The people were so gracious to their ministry.

The Vaughans taught several general sessions for approximately 700 participants. Their small class sessions included lessons for children, teenagers, and adults. At the conclusion of the sessions, the Vaughans prayed for the groups and then the classes prayed for them. Already they have been asked to return for next year’s conference.

The host pastor, Brother Edgar, and his congregation celebrated their 11th anniversary, and the Vaughans were privileged to be the guest speakers.

Benson and Cathy are so grateful for their ministry partners who, through their faithful prayers and monthly financial support, have allowed them to continue a vital ministry throughout Ecuador and South America. On this particular trip, the Vaughans were able to minister to over 700 leaders who will return to their home churches better educated.

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The ministry of South American Call headed by Joe Mercer travels the Amazon conducting crusades and a school of ministry to obsolete villages along the river. But there are other venues that involve the workers, and God makes provision.

Such a situation was Baby Ariana who desperately needed cosmetic surgery on her lip. Living in a village where no real medical help is available, it was almost a hopeless situation. One can only imagine the difficulties the child experienced, as well as the emotional trauma associated with the disfigurement.

God placed people in South American Call who were willing and able to help Ariana. She had the first surgery and did well—her parents are happy for the improvement. While there will be more surgeries in the future, this is a great start!

Project number 065-0125 and designate Ariana

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

Heart for Honduras, headed by Steven and Candace Day, wants to assist Jose Eduardo, the one-year-old son of their neighbors in Honduras.

Since arriving back to Honduras at the beginning of this year, the Days have witnessed Eduardo battle sickness. From ear infections to a stomach flu that required he be in the hospital for a week, he’s had a difficult time for his first year of life.

The current struggle is that Eduardo needs a special brace that will help correct an issue with his leg. His right knee is not lined up properly, causing him to walk with a limp. The brace cost approximately $350. Additionally, Eduardo is having therapy and is taking prescription vitamins to help his bone health. The medication alone costs $50 a month. For this family, this is a huge financial burden they cannot cover with what they earn.

Galatians 6:2 tells us to “bear one another’s burdens,” so the Days not only cover this family in prayer, but also have offered assistance to the family during Eduardo’s illness with medicine and finances to help pay for his hospital stay. Steven and Candice feel it a great honor to call them their very best friends.

Please … “love your [global] neighbor as yourself, (Matt. 22)”

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Tammy Owens, her husband, and son make a trip one time per year to the feeding centers sponsored by South American Call in Chimbote, Peru. This past trip provided the children with school supplies, new clothes, undergarments, and shoes. They also received gift bags full of soap, shampoo, combs, Beanie Babies, candy, and other items. A donor, Rose Haskell, made each child a hand-sewn pillowcase which featured in embroidery the words “Jesus loves you” on one side and “Jesus tea ma” on the other. The kids were thrilled with their pillows and pillowcases!


The children at the New Camp Soup Kitchen were in for a great surprise. They received new bicycles! No words can explain their excitement … they would never dream they could receive such presents as bicycles.


Eleven-year-old Carmela McDaniels raised $2,500 to purchase new Bibles for the children, and each one had the child’s name engraved on it. When asked what the children’s favorite gift was, the children immediately responded with “my Bible!” A Bible is a precious possession to children who don’t have them.


Gian Carlos, who normally does jungle trips, went and led praise and worship at each of the soup kitchens nightly. Children as young as 6-7 years of age wept and cried out to God. The altars filled with children and adults who were hungry for more of God. The children were in awe of God’s presence.

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Church of God SEMISUD teachers in Ecuador, Benson and Cathy Vaughan, are thankful for those who continue to pray and support them on the mission field.

Celebrating Pastor’s Appreciation

The Bensons home church in Ecuador, Capilla del Valle, celebrated Pastor’s Appreciation honoring Senior Pastors Franciso and Doris Jiménez, Abiud Fonseca, Yadetzi Rodríguez, and Jonán Monroy. The celebration had the South American flare with a traditional dance of appreciation. The five pastors of the “Chapel of the Valley” church work hard to make the church successful.

Meantime, the Vaughans continue to teach and train young men and women to minister in South America, many of whom will be the future leaders for their countries. All the SEMISUD students are active in ministry while studying at the school by doing evangelistic outreach, youth and children’s ministry, preaching in Chapel, and ministering to the children from the earthquake region.

SEMISUD, its teachers, and students are making a great impact for God’s Kingdom in South America and across the globe.

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Like the rest of us, missionaries must face the loss of a loved one.

On Thanksgiving Day, Steven and Candace Day received the news his grandmother had passed away. They were faced with the decision to attempt to change their tickets and head home, or stay until their scheduled departure date on December 19th.

Candice was in the middle of a normal school day when Steven called her and their hearts yearned to be in South Carolina with the family. Steven’s family graciously offered to cover the ticket change fee, Delta waived some fees, and Candice’s school gave her extra time off … the next morning they were on the plane to the States!

Upon arriving at the funeral, they discovered that in lieu of flowers, memorials were to be given to Heart for Honduras. Steven’s grandmother was a godly 91-year-old woman who was proud of what Steven and Candace had stepped out in faith to do on the mission field. And here at her death, she was still supporting them after leaving this earth.

Steven courageously spoke at her graveside with strength and with words of wisdom. Although they missed Honduras, they were grateful for the time they had with their family.


HEART FOR HONDURAS  – Project number 065-0948


Many people around the world have experienced a life-changing event. For the people living in Ecuador’s coastal region, this event came in the form of a massive earthquake. The people were devastated.

FACES Ministry Directors Teresa and Dan Susong are seen with Landmark Church of God Missions team members in Equador.

Team members from Landmark Church of God made it their priority to help the Ecuadorian children and families in need … an amazing blessing. They met with huge groups of people, many of whom had endured enormous losses. The team members worked tirelessly, but in the end, it was extremely worth it when 500 children received Christ.

However, just a month after the first earthquake, another devastating tremor hit. The team once again worked to help the children through this crucial time. God’s plan shown through, though, when 100 church members met to pray. The president had banned all mass meetings.

Later, the team met with the Church of God organization FACES. This organization provides continuing help for many children in Ecuador. Although they have been blessed with a wonderful property that does so much for the community, FACES is still in need of other resources.

To give these children a better life, please considering contributing to FACES. Be a Jesus figure in the lives of countless children. So much is left to be done!

Online Giving Link for FACES: Project number 102-4038

*The preceding article was written by Lauren Stout of Tennessee Christian Preparatory School in Cleveland, Tennessee, during the area schools’ “job-shadowing” day. Lauren is pursuing a degree in Journalism.


My adolescent years as a missionary kid brought lots of interesting memories, most of which consisted of family, friends and well … church. Doubling as a pastor’s kid, I was involved with every aspect of my parents’ ministry, so naturally most of my memories consist of church activities, special services, plays, youth retreats, and so forth. 

One of my Christmas memories …

One of the memories that has stayed with me over the years is the times we spent caroling during the Christmas season. In the United States, caroling is a staple of Christmas celebrations and although not as prominent, it isn’t a new thing to see on the streets, in neighborhoods, restaurants, stores, and public places, but in Chilé it is more like something you see in movies and television. When my parents set out to sing surprise Christmas carols to new members of the church, I was mortified! Being one of the few musicians at our church, I was recruited to play AND sing. I will be honest … I wasn’t a big fan of this at first, but as the years went by, I began to appreciate and embrace this activity. By the third year, it had become something to look forward to with my friends, who were also involved in the worship band with me at church. There was something about the experience of traveling across the busy streets of Santiago, which sometimes took hours, with my friends in the back of a truck, bus, or van, that I still remember to this day. The church members looked forward to this activity each year. It was tradition to allow the new members to join in the caravan of singers to the next house. Each night would begin with a handful, but would eventually end with a group of at least 30 people! With every passing year the group became larger, sometimes splitting into different teams.

Beyond the fun times …

Beyond the fun times was a whole aspect I was not fully aware of until I became a bit older. The reason this tradition stayed alive was because of the positive impact it had on our church. Nearly every family we visited was completely overwhelmed with emotion. By the end of the first song, which was always “O Holy Night,” the family members were in tears. Each visit would eventually end with most of the neighbors listening and applauding after every song. God used this to speak into the lives of new members and their neighbors. To them it wasn’t only a unique surprise, it was a gesture of God’s love … a gesture that showed them they were loved and appreciated not only by their pastors and fellow brothers and sisters, but by Jesus himself who came to this world as a humble child. Naturally, this peaked curiosity among neighbors and relatives to the point that many came to church from that point on.

What is Christmas without Worship?

By the time I left to attend Lee University in 2003, Christmas caroling had become something so special to our family that it became a family tradition. To this day, we make it a goal to sing during the Christmas season wherever we are. This tradition is also alive and well in Chilé among the ministries in which my parents are involved. Every year when I visit, I get to join in the fun! Caroling has become one of those things that helps remind me what the true reason is for the season. What is Christmas without worshipping the newborn King?

The Minay family wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas! May God bless you during this season!

José Minay is Video Editor for World Missions and the son of Career Missionaries Israel and Debbie Minay.


For Short-term Missionaries Steven and Candace Day, recent days have been very busy. Numerous events happened involving their church in the surrounding communities.

Serve One Million

One event a few weeks ago had Church of God youth groups from all over the nation of Honduras spending all day Saturday meeting needs in their communities. The goal: serve at least one million people across the nation.

Divide and Conquer

The Day’s church divided into groups, and they fed and ministered to the people of their little community. In the afternoon, a time of ministry was held in a local school and in the evening, a service was held in a nearby community.

God Showed Up

In every area of ministry, God’s presence was felt—not only were physical needs met, but spiritual needs, as well. The Days are glad to be part of a church with such a passion for reaching outside its four walls.

Project Number 065-0948

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Susan Poole and her husband were not expecting to experience missions during their recent cruise to Roatan, Honduras.

The Poole’s activities included snorkeling, and their guides were former students of Glenda Doggett, a short-term Church of God missionary to Honduras. The early missionary work of Frances Arch in Honduras was groundbreaking, and since those days, others like Glenda Doggett have continued her legacy.

The students spoke highly of Glenda, and offered to take the Pooles by the church, school, and medical mission, a completed product of Missionary Paul Dyer. At the time of their visit, Glenda was visiting family in the US. The young men who were the Poole’s guides were working hard to establish a business called Roatan Ocean Adventures, and the education they received from the Church of God and Glenda made this possible. The Pooles were also impressed by the well-mannered and industrious presence of the students.

Even though the Pooles were on vacation, God directed their steps and allowed them to see the investment of the Church of God that is still active on the island. Because they were so impressed by the missions work, the Pooles contributed $1550 to Glenda and her ministry in Roatan, Honduras.

God moves through open hearts to accomplish His will in the ministry of winning souls on foreign soil, no matter where they appear.

Project Number 065-0927

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