Executive Leadership

General Director
David M. Griffis

Griffis%2c David 2.15.13A product of Church of God World Missions influence, David Griffis comes to World Missions to extend his own effect upon world evangelization, initiated by his father, Garland Griffis, who served many years as a World Missions field representative.

Dr. Griffis has been an ordained minister of the Church of God since 1977. Since that time, he pastored several churches; served on the State Evangelism and Home Missions Board in Tennessee, State Evangelism and Home Missions director in Oklahoma; State Youth and Christian Education Board/Tennessee, State Youth and Christian Education director/Oklahoma, South Georgia, and South Carolina; administrative bishop of West Virginia and Tennessee; appointed to the General Board of Youth and Christian Education, Ministry to Israel Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Editorial and Publications Board; elected twice to the Council of Eighteen; served as international assistant and director respectively of Youth and Christian Education; and then was elected as third assistant general overseer, followed by his election as first assistant general overseer.

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Assistant Director
M. Thomas Propes    

Having fulfilled the position of Secretary General of the Church of God, Dr. M. Thomas Propes now brings his abilities and dedication to the World Missions ministries. Propes’ pastorates include Jesup Church of God (Sunset Boulevard) in Jesup, Georgia, and Live Oak in Hinesville, Georgia. Propes was state overseer of the Great Lakes Region, Northern Ohio, and South Carolina. He was appointed as General Director of Publications at Pathway Press in 2004. From 2008 to 2012, Propes served as a member of the International Executive Council.

Dr. Propes’ experience covers a wide range of committees and boards, as well as professional and civic activities. Additionally, he has published works and has served as a contributing writer to numerous books and publications.

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Missions Administrator
Dr. Robert D. McCall

mccallBringing invaluable knowledge and skill to the World Missions Department is Dr. Robert D. McCall, a former Missionary Kid. His service to the Church of God encompasses pastoring, director of Public Relations at Pentecostal Theological Seminary; Coordinator of World Missions Publications; Ministries Coordinator for the Department of Evangelism and Home Missions, as well as various other positions.

Dr. McCall has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lee University; an M.Div. from PTS; and a D.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.

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World Missions Coordinator for Women’s Ministries
Judy Griffis

Judy Griffis%2c 2016 IIAs the new first lady of World Missions, Judy, wife of World Missions Director Dr. David Griffis, has served the Church of God alongside her husband as pastor’s wife, in Youth and Christian Education, in Evangelism, and the Executive Committee.

She is a public school teacher and brings a loving, kind persona to the department.

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Assistant Coordinator for Women’s Ministries
LaQuita Propes

8198443Wife of the World Missions Assistant Director, LaQuita fulfilled her role in ministry in partnership with her husband’s assignments as evangelist, pastor, state overseer, and as Secretary General. An accomplished professional, she is known as an individual who exudes warmth and kindness. LaQuita will be an asset to the World Missions family.

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Leadership Support Team

Dee Cason

Carol Watkins

Debbie Brinson

Cynthia Leddon


General Operations

Chief Financial Officer
Kenneth T. Blanton

ken_blantonKenneth T. Blanton is a certified public accountant, who joined Church of God World Missions in 1994. As chief financial officer, he directs the accounting, information systems and donor relations staff. Besides the preparation and analysis of financial information, he oversees the development of computer software, the preparation of reports from the field to donors, and the processing of donor inquiries. Blanton has experience in both public and private accounting. Before coming to World Missions, he served as Director of Accounting and Assistant Treasurer for a major employer in Cleveland.

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Financial Support Team

Lois Bunch

Pati Michels

Donna Lloyd

Carrie Rice

Lynn McCall

Danny Johnson


Manager of Information Technology
Jim Golden

jim_goldenJim Golden is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Certified Database Administrator who joined World Missions in 1992. As Manager of Information Technology, he directly supervises the information systems staff, assists missionaries and national leaders with their computer needs, and ensures the computer systems of World Missions are operating at their peak effectiveness.

Before coming to World Missions, he served as Network Administrator for Lee University, and as a Programmer/Analyst at a Wall Street money brokerage firm.

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I.T. Support Team

Leto Zacharia

Desiree Colon



Manager of Donor Relations
Yolanda Guy

yolanda_guyYolanda Guy serves as the Manager of Donor Relations. Yolanda came to work for World Missions in 1985 and has served in this position for the past 23 years. The Donor Relations area serves as an information link between World Missions contributors and the Mission field. This involves processing of all donations, which include contributions, credit card donations, and missions service reports.

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Donor Relations Support Team

Ann Bowden

Crystal Walker

Yvette Morales

Michelle Henderson


Global Communications

Coordinator of Global Communications
Grady Murphy

grady_murphyGrady Murphy is the coordinator of global communications for World Missions. This office works in the areas of video and Internet communications.

Murphy joined World Missions in 2003 and most recently served as the supervisor of Internet ministries. Before coming to Cleveland, he served in local churches as an associate for a combined 19 years. He also worked at Pathway Music and for the Department of Music Ministries as a representative and in marketing. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in music education from Lee University and Furman University.

The goal of the office of global communications is to provide a rich variety of media information and inspiration that reflects the passion and work of World Missions.

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Global Communications Support Team

Cathy Coile

Jose Minay

Janet Price


Global Ministries

Field Director for Africa
Peter A. Thomas

peter_thomasPeter A. Thomas has served as the Regional Superintendent for Central Africa and in addition as C.E. – Director for the Church of God in Africa, West, Central & Eastern Africa. A native of Germany, he experienced Christ as his Savior at the age of 19 and received a call to Ministry and Missions while attending EBS in Rudersberg. In 1979 he went to Ghana, West Africa teaching at GBI and pastoring the CityChurch in Kumasi.

In 1986, after studies at Church of God Seminary in Cleveland, TN, he and his family moved to Zimbabwe, where he was appointed to serve as C.E. – Coordinator for Africa.

In 1995 he moved to Nairobi, Kenya and continued to serve in this ministry until his present appointment.

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Field Director for Asia/Pacific
Andrew Binda

Binda%2c Andrew 7.1.13Former state overseer of New York, Andrew Binda, joins the team of World Missions as field director for Asia/Pacific. Binda was born in Guyana; his great-grandparents converted from Hinduism to Christianity, thus leading future generations to accept Christ. He was ordained in 1998, and received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Canada Christian College. Before becoming administrative bishop of New York, he was the administrative bishop of Eastern Canada. Binda’s heritage and experience will serve him well in his new position.

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Field Director for the Caribbean
Ishmael Prince Charles

ishmael_charles_newIshmael Prince Charles, a graduate of Lee University and the Church of God Theological Seminary, is Pastor of the New Testament Church of God International Worship Center in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, with over 800 members. He is also the territorial overseer of the British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, and Guadeloupe. In addition, Charles has served as a member of the Church of God World Missions Board for eight years. He has served in a number of other capacities such as youth director, missions coordinator, and evangelism director.

Bishop Charles has ministered the gospel in crusades, revivals, camp meetings, and conferences across the United States, England, Kenya, Zambia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Brazil, and over 16 countries in the Caribbean. He has hosted a weekly radio and television program in eight different Caribbean countries for the past 13 years.

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Field Director for Europe/CIS/Middle East
Stephen Darnell


Dr. Stephen Paul Darnell currently serves as the Field Director of Europe/Middle East/CIS. As a native of Georgia, having been raised in the Appalachian foothills of Western North Carolina, Dr. Darnell is steeped in Pentecostal heritage and church worship. Credentialed with the Church of God at the age of 18 and Ordained as a Bishop at the age of 26, Dr. Darnell has served within the Church of God in the fields of youth ministries, evangelism, pastoral ministry, and higher education, as well as administrative and executive leadership.

Dr. Darnell is a noted educator, teacher, and preacher, having shared in seminars, conferences, and camp meetings across the United States, the Middle East, and Europe, as well as many countries around the world. He holds academic degrees from East Coast Bible College, The William Carter College, and The International Theological Seminary. His wife of 35 years, Janice, is a vital part of every facet of their ministry. They have three sons, Paul, Albert, and Parker; two daughters-in-law, Starla and Naomi; two grandsons, Judah and Jed; and two granddaughters, Lorea and Esther.

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Field Director for Latin America


Otoniel_Collins_0578A medical missionary, Dr. Otoniel Collins began his service with World Missions in 1990. He continued to move forward becoming an overseer, national superintendent, and regional superintendent before his appointment at the 2016 General Assembly as field director for Latin America. Otoniel’s desire is to accomplish the mandate of the Great Commission, be it through medicine or spiritual help … it is all for the Lord’s glory.

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Coordinator of Unreached People Groups
Ken Anderson

ken_andersonKen and Karen Anderson are serving as coordinators of Unreached People Groups. They are charged with “finding” Unreached People Groups, engaging them in love, and winning them to Christ. Of the 6,980 UPG’s in the world, World Missions is already committed in active ministry with 72 groups where we have access. Ken will be facilitating the identification.

Ken and Karen grew up in South Carolina, going to Honduras, Central America, in 1990. In 1998, they were appointed regional superintendent for the Church of God in Central America. Under Ken’s leadership, God blessed and allowed the region to develop a self-supporting seminary that serves seven countries; also, a missionary-sending agency called AMCA was initiated and it supports missionaries to some of the least-evangelized areas of the world.

The Andersons have two daughters, Tyler and Lauren, who are married to Omer and Will, and three years ago, God added to the family another son, Pramod.

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Missions Representatives

R. Terrell Brinson

Charles Duncan

Martin Taylor