After 10 years of service at People for Care and Learning and a partnership with World Missions, Dr. Fred Garmon passes the baton of leadership to pastor of Pathway Church of God in Mobile, Alabama; Travis Johnson.

Much was accomplished during Fred’s time at the helm of PCL. He loved what he was doing, and it was evidenced by sentiment expressed in a statement once made which says—“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” His work with PCL and especially his relationship with Southeast Asia, Cambodia, the PCL family, and government leaders was an honor and highlight of his tenure. Fred enjoyed every step of this segment of his race in life.

Fred’s association with individuals such as former director Robert Pace; the Church of God and World Missions leadership; the PCL Board of Directors; colleagues and friends; Mike and Sandy Forbis; philanthropist Dr. John Gregory; USA staff members; the missionaries who went to live in Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap … Julie Martinez, Simon and Dora Valenzuela, all the Khmer family who served as staff; and, of course, his wife Shirley, who provided invaluable business acumen to the office, all added to his successful journey.

Dr. Fred Garmon truly inspired hope and empowered the potential that was placed in his capable hands. People for Care and Learning was a “Community for Good.” Fred states: “My work and ministry in Cambodia has been the most enjoyable and productive 10 years of my life!

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