namastai-july-september-16-1-3Sometimes, even when a missionary serves in an open country, we choose to withhold their names and precise location for security reasons.  Typically, this is because although they may not be the victims of state-sponsored persecution, the local populace might be opposed to Christianity.

One such place is India, where in some provinces there is a constant low-level struggle between Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim populations that can occasionally become violent.  Christians in these regions must walk with care on the path to which God has set them, lest they become a target in the areas of religious strife.

namastai-july-september-16-1-13Despite these challenges, this family provided a Christ-centered summer camp this year which was highly successful.  Training the youth to love God is the first step in truly changing a nation, and although the kids of one village may not seem like much compared to the 1.2 billion people residing int he peninsular nation, one must remember that Jesus began with only 12 disciples and changed the world, commanding us to do likewise.

In addition to the summer camp, they also operate a tailoring school which serves as a way to train girls in a useful trade, and a daycare for kids where they can receive some education and also be shown the love of Christ.  Many of these children are well into their school years but have never set foot inside a proper classroom before now.

namastai-july-september-16-1-9Education and job training are the first weapons against poverty in the developing world, and these missionaries are pushing to achieve both in their community despite the dangers.

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