As a grandmother of six grandsons, one granddaughter, one great-granddaughter, and one great-grandson, my years have seen me through a great deal of blessings and problems. All of which I can now say definitely proved God’s faithfulness to me time and time again.

The words of a well-known minister put into perspective the attitude that “faith eventually turns to trust.” During times of frustration and anxiety, in due time, a feeling of calm hovers over, and one realizes all one can do IS trust … trust God’s character, trust His promises, trust His guidance, and trust His answers.

When there is a major disaster or calamity taking place on the world front, have you perhaps found yourself saying, “Thank you, God, I’m not having to go through that?” One can sometimes even feel guilty about such gratitude. Yet, we know, usually at some point, we, too, can face dire circumstances. Offering our prayers and help financially can bring about God’s protection and provision in our own lives and of those we love. God always is pleased with our gratitude, no matter the situation.

In times when the young children, or even the adult children, are fretful and complaining, I have often said, “But, you have not lost everything to a flood, or a fire, or an earthquake, or had anyone close to you die in those circumstances.” With a reality check, we suddenly are convinced of God’s presence and we become more thankful than we can ever express.

The very fact we have comfortable beds to sleep on, pantries full of food, clean water, waste disposal that works, electricity that powers our appliances, roofs over our heads, and loved ones who are close … YES, we feel extreme thankfulness … thankfulness to God for His loving and constant care. And, thankfulness for His control over our lives, for no matter where we are or what’s going on—God IS there with us!

—Janet Price
Media Team Leader