I was intrigued by this painting of a bright, heavenly light in the distance, as it would appear the artist is reminding us that’s life’s journey has a certain ending, hopefully, and through faith in Christ, we will come to that place of eternal light, where the Lamb is the light, and the darkness of this current world is forever forgotten, our sorrows are gone and peace, perfect peace, is ours forever.

I was also intrigued by the fact that as I study the history of Gospel hymns and songs, so many that speak of Heaven and eternity in God’s presence, were written in times of great trouble, such as the Great Depression, World Wars and various times of death and destruction, strife and unrest in various parts of the world.

Sometimes the author or poet who composed the lines of the great songs about eternity with God had personal loss and hardships unfathomable in their own lives, and you can hear their longing for a better world in their lyrics.
I grew up in the church listening to such songs as “Heaven’s Jubilee,” “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There,” “The Meeting In The Air,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “ I’m Looking For Jesus To Come Some Day” and a host of others that bolstered the fact of faith and scripture, that this world is only temporary. We need to be reminded of that right now…this very day.

I heard Dr. Charles Conn once say, “Worldliness is living as if this were the only world you would ever live in.” Indeed, we are pilgrims in transit, evangelists with a message, and disciples on a mission….but this is not our final destination. A home awaits…a Heavenly Home.

In 1959, Frank White of Lumber City, Georgia, wrote a great gospel song entitled “That Heavenly Home.” It came out in the mid 1960’s
in a Church of God Convention Book during the Vietnam War years. I remember our church choir singing it so powerfully, especially on Sunday nights. I feel impressed to share the lyrics.

That Heavenly Home
I’m looking away beyond the dark stream,
To Heaven’s fair home, of which I oft dream.
There millions have gone, it’s glory to share,
Get ready, my friend, to live over there.
That Heavenly home lies over death’s sea,
There loved ones I know are waiting for me.
With Jesus, we’ll live in glory divine.
That Heavenly home will surely be mine.
That wonderful home will never be sold,
We’ll ever live there, where no one grows old.
The city’s bright spires, the sun will outshine,
With all of the saved, that home shall be mine.
That Heavenly home has mansions of light,
No storm clouds will rise, no shadows of night;
No sorrow, no pain, all sin will be gone,
We’ll live with the Lord while ages roll on.
Be ready, my friends….the words of the prophets, the apostles, and Jesus are unfolding perfectly before our eyes….the end is near…..
A Heavenly Home awaits.

General Director

Dr. David M. Griffis