img_2852-21-e1476427710841-595x440The Bread of Life Orphanage and Feeding Center has been showing the love of God in Romania.

A mother and her children were kicked out of their home by her husband after she chose to accept Christ, and had been living in an abandoned car. Some Christians who discovered her plight worked together to provide an apartment. Unfortunately, Daniela is unable to work because one of her children, Daniel, has a severe medical condition which requires her constant supervision. For the time being, she and her family are wholly dependent on the assistance of Bread of Life and other charitable organizations.

“After learning of Daniela’s plight,” Debora, one of the Bread of Life staff commented, “we visited with gifts of food and other needed items which were received with gratefulness, and she feels relieved knowing that God’s people stand together and help each other through difficult times.”

Since 2003, the ministry of Bread of Life has grown from reaching just a few children to impacting the lives of over 3,000 children and their families across Romania with gifts of food, clothing, and support. Daniela’s story is but one of the hundreds of similar stories in Romania and around the world. As Christians, we are commanded to care for widows and orphans, the cast out, and the downtrodden. Bread of Life, as an example of the many organizations like it, does exactly that every day.

Bread of Life