Career Missionaries serving in a closed country of the 10/40 Window face the fact on a daily basis they are illegal and that their ministry must be “low profile.” It is even more dangerous for those Muslims who convert to Christianity. The revised 10/40 Window now includes 65 of the least-reached countries of the world.

In spite of the circumstances they confront, the missionaries are planting churches and reaching Muslims. The effort primarily involves cultivating indigenous leadership. Education, scouting locations, and renovation of buildings are all part of church planting. Additionally, chairs, guitars, amplifiers, and microphones need to be purchased.

The missionary says: “Worship is the fuel and goal in missions, because in missions we simply aim to bring the nations into the white-hot enjoyment of God’s glory—the gladness of the people in the greatness of God!”

As with most missionary endeavors, finances are a continuing concern. They need the funds to fight the battles and establish churches in this hostile area of the world. Your prayers sustain and keep them safe.

Project Number 065-0058