mercerJesus paid the ultimate price for our salvation, but there is still a price we have to pay for spreading the gospel and changing lives.

We know of many, even more in these last days, who have died in the pursuit of the Great Commission. South American Call Director Joe Mercer states: “Make no mistake about it … if you are making progress, you have the devil’s attention!”

South American Call has not escaped the enemy’s fury in reaching souls in the villages and towns along the Amazon River. This past year sent the ministry reeling when one of their boats, worth $45,000, was sunk on the river. In addition, two robberies happened at the facility in Pucallpa. Jose, one of the trained ministers of South American Call, was robbed recently at gunpoint. One of the robbers held a gun to his head for half an hour or more while the robber’s partners looted Jose’s home. He is still trying to recover from the ordeal.

Along with all these attacks, South American Call has also lost money and equipment valued at approximately $15,000.

Joe has affirmed—the work goes on! He feels they are anticipating the best congresso (conference) yet. Joe has a full crew and God is blessing. During all the enemy’s attacks, the ministry has not faltered. Three river pastors are in the jungle spreading the good news that revival is coming. Help is coming. God is coming. These men are God’s ambassadors.

Project Number 065-0125