Part One

As many of you may remember, recently a pastor and his family in Africa were kidnapped by rebels. This first-hand account will show how God is able to deliver from the most impossible situations. Intercessors also played a key role in the family’s release, and we give thanks to God for answering earnest prayer.

“Evening … we had finished our meal; I sat on the veranda in the dark. Two young men who had been orphans that were raised in my home and left once older, were coming toward me. They had joined a group of militia in the forest. Accompanying them was a group of five people to whom they identified me as their father. Asking where my wife was, they then said we were under arrest. My daughter and my sister were also captured. It was raining. We were taken into the forest where we walked all night until 6 a.m. All of us were put into water, then whipped and tortured. When I asked what the problem was, they said I would be informed when the general arrived. We slept outside in the open with nothing to protect us from the cold. After one week, they again tortured us. My wife was beaten to the point she fainted.

One of the two orphans became angry. Remorse set in when they realized their mother was almost dead. The one young man wanted to shoot the other soldiers, but they lied to him to calm him. Because of his reaction, they stopped the torture. The general contacted the soldiers on a walkie-talkie and asked if I (the pastor) was there. He wanted to talk to me.

The reason for the kidnapping became crystal clear … he wanted $1,500 for our release. The general used to be an evangelist working under my supervision, so he knew my life and that I didn’t have that amount of money, nor could I afford to borrow it. Again, they began torturing us. Amazingly, the general’s brother was in the camp and had three separate visions during the night. In each one, he heard a voice telling him: “You must release this pastor, or you will die!”

(To be continued …)