Have you ever asked yourself … what does LMR stand for?

Is it: lunch money receipts (LMR) or little Martian revolution (LMR), or Look, mom’s racing (LMR)?

Well, if you know anything about Church of God World Missions, you will recognize LMR stands for Local Missions Representative, an acronym that identifies one of the most important ministries in the church today.

Christians who fail to place our Lord’s Great Commission at its highest priority, miss the very heartbeat of God. On the other hand, pastors who promote a missions-minded church witness first-hand the reality of the promises of God (Malachi 3:10).

The LMR plays a vital role in assisting his/her pastor with keeping missions in the forefront at the local church level. Promotion of mission projects, missionaries, Bible schools, orphanages, and ministry that reaches beyond one’s own city limits, is the primary responsibility of the LMR.

In 1971, Dr. Bill George created the LMR platform. Since then, Church of God World Missions has encouraged every pastor to appoint a local missions representative.

Seminars and training conferences for pastors and LMRs have been conducted cross-country, providing materials and information for effective missions ministry for the local church. This program has helped produce more than 1200 LMRs who are keeping the Great Commission at the center of ministry among their own communities of faith.

Any size church will benefit with the appointment of an LMR. Individuals like Rick Alford, who serves as LMR for the Potter’s House in Columbus, Ohio, or Bob and Lisa Davis, who serve as LMRs for the Cooper City church in Miami, Florida, have done outstanding work promoting the Great Commission globally. Doyce Connell, from Warner Robins Church of God, a congregation of approximately 50 members, led their missions ministry to new heights, which touches the lives of many worldwide.

The Local Missions Representative is the link between the local church, the mission field, and the Church of God World Missions office. He/she will assist the pastor in managing fund-raising programs, overseeing short-term mission trips, and generate an awareness of missions among church members. The LMR also provides the church with missional motivation!

With the help of the LMR, Church of God World Missions now reaches into 180 nations of the world, supporting more than 600 missionaries, 134 orphanages, and 166 Bible schools. But more important, because of our combined efforts, over 1.6 million new born-again Christians have found Christ as their personal Savior since our 2012 General Assembly.

We encourage every pastor to consider appointing a Local Missions Representative to his/her church. Church of God World Missions is ready to assist in any way possible to help you promote the work of the Great Commission.

Terrell Brinson, D.D. is a Missions Representative for Church of God World Missions. He specifically interfaces with Administrative Bishops, Pastors, LMRs, and missions donors to bring a focused look at the missionaries and projects of Church of God World Missions.