Because of restrictions in some regions to share the gospel, we often mistakenly believe nothing of any significance is happening. Nothing can be further from the truth.

World Missions recently learned the UAE is an open country.

The United Arab Emirates is the only country in the world where the government has given FREE land for 13 international churches at Sharjah, two of which are for Church of God churches. At Dubai, the government gave land for seven international churches; in Abu Dabhi, they gave place for 10 international churches; Ras AL Khaima, 10 international churches—one for the Church of God, and likewise at Al Ain. Not only does the government grant free land, but it provides free electricity and water. Additionally, the government has given Priest visas for more than 100 priests, which also includes one of our ministers.

The Bible seminary in this area has spread over the entire seven states of the UAE … the only biblical seminary in the Middle East accredited by Asia Theological Associations (ATA) and by the Church of God Grade Level IV. By the grace of God, the seminary has been in operation for 15 years and seven graduations have been completed. At the 2015 graduation, three Sheikhs from the ruling family attended.

Make no mistake—God is on the move, and He is establishing His church in areas of the world some think impossible, making available the message of salvation to all who will believe!