jack-and-mary-margaret-morris-1Jack and Mary Margaret Morris have been Career Missionaries in Australia since 2001. Recently, they were unable to land at their designated destination due to inclement weather, so the airlines provided them with a room in a beautiful, new hotel for the night, along with meal vouchers. Jack says it was in vast contrast to their experience on an American flight attending the General Assembly in Nashville this past summer. Missionaries never know just what they will encounter in their travels, and although this was unplanned, it was a beneficial diversion.

Having a brief respite was a perfect ending to their trip. The Morrises were returning home (even though it was 1:00 am) from a wonderful conference! Thirty-one first-time decisions were made for Christ and there were untold other experiences. Dr. Manning Thornton ministered, but he and the Morrises had to wade through 30 yards of mud just to get in and out of the church. The Holy Spirit was present in every service, and several children accepted Jesus as their Savior, as well.

The entire conference was tremendous, but on the last night, a soul was reclaimed … the first convert of the local church in Yombi, who had left the church and Christ, came back to the Lord in a dramatic fashion.

Sometimes, missionaries get blessed both coming and going!

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