Kristen Bruce Martinez, a graduate of Lee University, recently joined the ranks of the Short-Term missionaries through Latin American Missions. She is serving in Honduras with her husband, Natan, and summer is a busy time hosting groups of international volunteers.

Two great weeks have just been completed with a Samford University medical team in the mountains of Copán. The team visited eight villages and treated over 2,000 patients. A side benefit is the new contacts made with local pastors that will hopefully lead to important community intervention projects in their villages.

Kristen states: “Seeing such subhuman living conditions in person can incite overwhelming feelings of sadness, helplessness, and even anger. The best we can do is to channel those emotions into concrete actions. The first reaction is to meet the immediate need of food.”

In one village, it was their first time receiving a medical team and the extreme material and health deficiencies were blatantly apparent in almost every single family.

Kristen and Natan, are moving toward holistic care and sustainability in the lives of the Hondurans. They are focused on transformational development and realize more now than ever that it is not a quick and tidy process. To build a tall building, one must first have to set a deep foundation.

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