God made Christmas happen;

Friends make Christmas beautiful;

Music makes Christmas festive;

Giving makes Christmas joyous;

Love makes Christmas complete.

–William Arthur Ward


Christmas is because of Him! We all celebrate and enjoy this time of the year but may we also take time to remember the star that guided the three wise men to the Christ child.

I pray that we all will be as that star and help lead others to Christ! I know that throughout the world the members and ministers of the Church of God are guiding the lost and challenging the saved to follow Him more closely and may that always remain our priority.

At Christmas, may we all bow down and worship Him and may we never fail to shine light in the darkness and let our lives point the unsaved to Him.

May you and your family enjoy and be blessed by a Christmas that is beautiful, festive, joyous and complete in Him!

Dr. David M. Griffis,

Director of World Missions