God reached down to earth with the gift of His Son. We reach out with the gift of Jesus to the world.

It isn’t hard to imagine a dad, forlornly considering how he will provide for his family because the COVID lockdowns eliminated his day job. It isn’t hard to hear the echoes of a family crying because their home and belongings have been washed away by flooding or blown away by a hurricane. We can even sense the loneliness of a widow or orphan who is pondering what might happen to them because there is no one to provide shelter, food, or clothing.

Would you please take a moment to consider the poor and how you can reach out to them through Christ’s Birthday Offering? Psalm 41 says; “Blessed are those who consider the poor;”

This is a promise to all who consider what they can do and how much good it will do. That scripture goes on to promise: “the Lord will deliver them in the day of trouble. The Lord will preserve them and keep them alive, and they will be blessed on the earth.”

Christ’s Birthday Offering is a wonderful way to reach out with the gift of Jesus to those poor in spirit due to life’s circumstances, to those who are poor due to natural disasters. Consider those who are poor in health because of COVID and other overwhelming diseases and reach out to the poor who have never heard the Name, the Truth, and the Life found in Jesus.

Peace on earth and Glory in the Highest. Jesus, the gift of God, has come to enable us to be His hands, His feet, and His messenger, as we reach out. Church of God World Missions will be able to provide food, medicines, and humanitarian help because of your family’s gift of $20.21 given in honor of Jesus.

Last year alone, your giving helped feed villagers, minister’s families, rebuild churches, and sustain orphans and widows in South and Central America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.  Please consider this statement, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Saving someone’s life is a special privilege.

Church of God World Missions General Director David M. Griffis asks this: “In 2021, let’s give Jesus the largest Birthday fit He has ever received through Christ’s Birthday Offering.

$20.21 will represent your hard work, your time, your heart, and most of all your careful consideration to represent Jesus to the poor. We invite you to take part in Christ’s Birthday offering. To give please visit cogwm.org/cbo, or call 1-800-345-7492. Church of God World Missions is thankful for our prayer and financial partners. May you and your family be filled with the joy of Christ during this Christmas season.


Project #020-0803