img_6405-1Several years ago, World Missions Field Representative Terrell Brinson approached North Cleveland Church of God regarding partnering to sponsor a church plant in Cuenca, Ecuador, for its upcoming World Missions service.

Ecuador has long been a productive country for spreading the gospel and reaching groups of people heretofore who have not heard the Good News message, even though it is a nation molded by Catholicism. What was lacking was individuals to do evangelism. At the time, there was no Church of God witness in Cuenca, the largest city in Ecuador of over 500,000 people.

North Cleveland Church of God responded to the challenge and set in motion establishing a Church of God in Cuenca. Another church in Alabama committed to the effort, as well. A pastor from Colombia felt the burden to pastor the church. It presently has a congregation of 130 to 140, and is continuing to grow.

The most exciting part is that this church has now planted two other churches … a domino effect is taking place, and God is blessing their outreaches.