Because the name commonly given to Paris is the City of Light, its vision is entirely in keeping with the World Missions Send the Light to the Cities Initiative.

First, it is important to recognize that when we talk about Paris, we are also talking about the extended Paris area—the suburbs—since that is where the Churches of God are located.

I asked myself this question several years ago when I accepted my duties as National Overseer … isn’t bringing the Light for one purpose—to let the kingdom of God spread? To accomplish the task, teamwork was necessary. Everyone needed the same goal for a common objective … to gather our “strengths;” hence, the “slogan” which illustrates our actions: “A common vision for a common interest: the kingdom of God.”

Once this common interest was adopted, it was necessary to unite in our acting together. But, as Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” So, the first work is internal; it is maximizing the human aspect, the people who will let that Light in them shine forth.

Where people feel well, accepted, and fulfilled, they will want to work, share, and take people with them in this endeavor. Once cohesion is created, then it attracts, motivates, and causes people to arise and, in turn, build a structure to continue fulfilling the common goal.

Of course, this is not done without the Holy Spirit and without prayer and fasting, so we must always be challenged about the life of prayer and the life of the Spirit. We can organize any kind of plan, but without prayer and without being led by the Spirit, nothing will last.

An essential part on this road map for the Light to shine, is that it is a star that lasts for time and is not a shooting star which is beautiful, but ephemeral, and that part is THE TRAINING! If we stop training, our service dies. If we stop training, the next generation will die. The school of ministry of the Church of God in France was born in the Paris region in September 2016. It is essential to continue training and to train a new generation of servants, as well.

Today, the initiative has been launched … now it is crucial that this Light spreads. We want to continue to shine, to develop what has already been put in place, so that the foundations are strong and the kingdom spreads.

Where there is gold, the seekers will come.

Christian Merlo


Project number 102-9435-009