With so many needs, especially for clean water, that have come about from the unprecedented, continuing disasters, have you perhaps asked yourself the question: “What more can I do?”

We have an answer … the Basic Clean Water System, performed though a filtration, microfiltration, and ozone disinfection process. The process time and capacity is 300 gallons per hour at 5 gallons per minute per batch!

Ecuadorians with clean waterTypically, the water systems are installed in churches, orphanages, safe houses, education centers or medical clinics, and can provide sufficient clean drinking water for an entire community at very lost cost (1/2 cent­­—1 cent per gallon)­. An essential part of the installation process is the health and hygiene education program that teaches about germ theory, proper hygiene, proper use of clean water, and most importantly, God’s salvation in Jesus Christ, the True Living Water. ­­­­­­

Just Like God Missions is the ministry of John and Lynnette Garrison who install these wonderful clean water systems … their claim to fame is they’re just “ordinary people who serve an extraordinary God!” They have left impact with the water systems in Iraq, Haiti, Guatemala, with trips now planned for Uganda, Ecuador, and Colombia, as well as locations possibly in other areas of Latin and South America.

The Garrison’s goal is to install these systems in as many orphanages, safe houses, ministry locations, and communities as possible—a tool that can be used to produce life-saving clean water and a tool to share the gospel of the “Living Water” that promises eternal life!

To offer your prayerful and financial support, you may contribute through World Missions, #065-0935.