About three summers ago, a late evening thunderstorm, complete with high winds, hail, rain, lightning, and bass drum thunder, caused a hickory tree to topple over our driveway. It took a kind bother-in-law with a wood-burning fireplace, a chainsaw, hard work, and just pure old July heat and humidity-induced sweat to clear it all up. It didn’t get up and walk away or spring back to its original position. Conscious effort cleared it up.

We are in a world of seemingly never-ending crises. Roads we are used to traveling are blocked. What was easy yesterday is not open to us now. The future is shrouded in mystery, and anxiety and depression have become the emotions of the hour. The best news to be seen is on the darkened and silent TV screen; the room is now silent because you have turned off what has become a modern-day mirage of lies, valueless opinions, and moral decadence.

What are we Christians to doing in such a world, where great trees are fallen, roads are blocked, and where, as Paul predicted, “Evil men and seducers will become worse and worse deceiving and being deceived.” II Tim.3:13

Well, there is one very powerful thing we can do. Whether it’s verbal, silent, or written down, you can develop a daily, consistent time of prayer. In fact, you cannot be a strong and satisfied Christian without consistently praying. It is your chainsaw to remove the fallen trees blocking your travel in this life.
You MUST pray or perish!! No other choices!

Daniel prayed….Lions had no mastery of him.
The Three Hebrew Children prayed….fire had no power over them.
Jonah prayed….His tomb in the Whale’s belly voided him.
Isaiah and Hezekiah prayed… Sennacherib’s army perished at the hand of God’s angel.Paul and Silas prayed….their prison became a revival center.The church prayed….an Angel leads Peter out of jail.
John prayed…His isle of exile became the stage for the Revelation.
Jesus prayed…until sweat became blood…Calvary became Redemption…and His tomb turned into eternal life.
I must pray… I must live in a state of prayer… to
“Pray without ceasing” is the command of scripture.

I Thessalonians 5:17

That’s all I have today…for your sake, your family’s sake, and heaven’s sake…pray.


General Director

Dr. David M. Griffis