The Zambian government in Africa has graciously embraced Emma’s Kids and has provided the school with seven teachers, whom the government will pay. Emma’s Kids currently has 300 children who are attending the academy.

The kids come from the poorest village in the area, as well as some of Emma’s Kids are their own who are committed to the ministry. The school houses 30 children for whom they are totally responsible—feeding, clothing, school fees. Emma’s Kids feeds other vulnerable children who do not live at the institution, but have limited resources. These children’s education is paid for those who go beyond grade seven. Most of Emma’s Kids are non-boarders, grades one through seven.Emma's Kids

The Love, Hope, and Faith Medical Clinic is provided, too, and registered with the government. A nurse and a doctor are on call and treat the Emma’s Kids for free at the government hospital, or a private one if needed.

The farm continues to provide maize (corn) which really helps Emma’s Kids with their budget. Harvest International Church of God in the bush has a farm, as well that is run by the local pastor, and Emma’s Kids are involved there. God blessed them with the land which is over 1700 acres and MWOA helped build on it.

Ever faithful, God has allowed Church of God World Missions high priority status, including International Director Dr. David M. Griffis, in the government, and the ministry is protected.

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