Sweden15Bishop Alcides Morales, Church of God national overseer of Uruguay, reports that Pastor

Renzo Noe of the KFA Church and his church leaders in SWEDEN are excited about having joined the Church of God.

The initial pastor who founded the Hispanic church was present for the official ceremony of affiliation on April 24, 2016. Pastor Noe initiated all the paperwork involved in the process. Chris Swift, regional superintendent for Western Europe, was engaged in expediting the amalgamation. Pastor Noe also attended the 2016 General Assembly.

Sweden9Bishop Alcides Morales is operating as a missionary sent to Sweden from South America who has embraced the concept from being a “missions field” to that of a “missions force!” Morales is one of many who are venturing into heretofore unreached areas of the world and establishing churches to share the message of Jesus’ love and salvation. He was contacted by Pastor Noe and made aware of their desire to join the Church of God.

World Missions is thrilled about this historical event that culminated in the earlier part of this year … another incident of “harvest at the speed of favor!”