Overseer Patricio Ramirez, administrative bishop in Chile, notified South America Regional Superintendent Eduardo Drachenberg of forest fires devastating areas in Chile that are affecting our Church of God brothers and sisters. Chile has experienced multiple disasters in recent years … earthquakes, tsunamis, and avalanches, a result of heavy rainfall.

Four Regions
Today, they are facing forest fires affecting four regions of the country—whole villages and thousands of homes have been razed by the fire. In Santa Olga, 1,000 houses were destroyed leaving 3,500 people with no shelter.

Still Raging
High temperatures and strong winds are fueling the fires that now threaten cities and more villages. Those already affected have lost everything. In one region, a dining room has been provided to feed 80 children and their families who have nowhere to turn.

Assistance Begun
Nationwide in Chile this past Sunday, 29th, local congregations gave offerings to assist the city of Cauquenes, where Church of God families have suffered the greatest loss.

We Can Relate
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, experienced a similar situation with forest fires. The grief is insurmountable. Chile needs our financial support and prayers. If you wish to donate, please use Project Number 765-0036-048.