After an emergency operation while in the States, Tom Allen, director of Hearts for the Children ministries, thanks God for feeling good. It was decided he could travel up to 35,000 feet with little chance of a stroke.

Tom was overcome by the outpouring of love and prayers … he realized just how big a Christian family he has around the world. Not knowing how many more years the Lord plans for him on this earth, Tom promises that everyone He gives to him will be dedicated to God’s love.

Returning to their church and community in Guatemala, the Allens were welcomed by the huge gathering that was on hand. The Allens love Guatemala and its people, and plan on continuing to live and minister there for as long as possible. Their ministry is dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked, and oppressed children of Guatemala.

Tom’s testimony is short, but sweet … The Allens have no health insurance because the Canadian government revoked their health care because they were living outside of Canada for a long period. So, with no money or insurance, the hospital bill amounted to $45,000. As the bills arrived, Tom placed them on a Bible and presented them to God. Over time, the $45,000 has been reduced to $8,000.

Only God can do that!

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