International World Missions Director Dr. David Griffis has created a project number, 765-0036-052, specific to Texas Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief. Those desiring to be hands of blessing can give online through World Missions by clicking here:

Hurricane Harvey August 26, 2017 at 9:58am

A statement released by Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill, indicated, “This storm could cause more damage than any in a decade. With storm surges predicted as high as 12-feet and more than 3-feet of rain expected in some areas over the next few days, the winds of Hurricane Harvey may not be as devastating as the water and rain that follows.

There is no doubt that this storm is going to pack a huge punch along the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast. With a strong Church of God presence in that coastal area, we need to be in prayer for our church family that will be impacted, as well as millions more who will be dealing with the after effects of this storm for weeks and months to come.

As with every destructive natural event, the Church of God will be on-site to provide help as quickly as the authorities allow us in to the affected areas. Operation Compassion, God’s Pit Crew, and our other disaster relief efforts are already positioning supplies and volunteers to assist in this effort.”

MWOA has 2 teams, the clean-up team will go in first, then the other team will go in to assist with the rebuilding. If interested in working. Please call 423 478-7955.

Thank you for all you do to “Send Light to Disaster!”

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