RCaryRobert and Jeanette Cary, somewhat retired Career Missionaries, continue their ministry of helps after 57 years, with 38 of those years in missionary work. Turning the corner at 81 years of age, Bob says he and Jeanette’s desire and passion to help fulfill and complete the Great Commission is as strong as ever. Missionaries can never be anything but missionaries as long as they live.

The Carys operate on the scriptural premise found in Deuteronomy 15:11 … “To open our hands wide unto the poor and the needy” (paraphrased).

Countless, gracious donors to their ministry have allowed the Carys in the last six months to send $45,650 to Liberia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, Tortola, China, Philippines, Turkey, Guatemala, Ecuador, Military Chaplains, and to American Indians in Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Monies were also sent to earthquake victims in Nepal and flood victims in West Virginia.

Robert Cary is a true example of the saying, “If God can get it through you, He will get it to you!” The more the Carys give themselves, the more God sends to them to give to others. Thus, the cycle continues …