israel-initiative-teamThe Israel Initiative is continuing to find places and communities in which to literally share the love of God. Improvements in properties have been made that will allow continued education and community presence. Gaps in support have been bridged to sustain workers till another door is opened. And powerful education curriculum that promotes peace and unity for all has been given.

There is more to be done in the land where Jesus walked, called disciples, and taught spiritual insights that still resound in the verity of their source today. Shawn Baker, appointed as Senior Representative of the Israel Initiative, forwarded a report of progress, prayer and vision:

“Last nights leadership gathering for prayer and strategic discussion on how to move the Israel Initiative forward and expand our footprint. This was more of a learning session.”

One of the effects the Israel Initiative has made is in increased awareness of Israel and the work of the Church of God there to peoples of all cultures. World Missions would like to again say “Thank You,” for all prayers that uplift and sustain the love of God being shown through the Israel Initiative.