Men/Women of Action swings into action for Hurricane Harvey relief. As the rains continue in the area, MWOA is assessing when and where teams will be sent to aid in disaster relief and recovery efforts over the coming weeks and months.

Rescuers are working to make critical extractions for people caught in the raging flood waters from the days of deluge of Hurricane Harvey Photo: AP


If you are interested in and available to volunteer with disaster recovery teams going to south Texas, please call the MWOA office at 423-478-7955. The first wave of teams will be tearing down damaged drywall, removing flooring, tarping roofs, and clearing debris. Most important, they’ll be there to show the love of Christ and share the eternal hope of the Gospel with these disaster victims and communities.


If you are unable to go with a team, please prayerfully consider donating. Without financial backing, the MWOA teams become greatly limited in the amount of work they are able to accomplish. DONORS are just as important to these efforts as the volunteers who travel!


Not only pray for the people of Texas, but earnestly pray for the Church of God pastors and their churches. The flood waters will continue to rise in the coming days.

COGWM General Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief 765-0036-052 

FOR MWOA efforts in Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: Project #731-1143-553