JTB2The news media extensively portrayed the plight of refugees trying to reach Europe several months ago. As Jaume watched, he was struck by this great human tragedy, and through his tears, he questioned God: “Where is your church today?”

Not long after, Jaume received a call from Samaritan’s Purse asking him to be a part of an emergency team to the Balkans to serve in the refugee crisis. On his way to Croatia, he hoped to assist refugees in finding a safe place where they could rebuild their lives in peace. At the makeshift camp at Opatovac (former military camp), the team saw between 5,000 and 9,000 people crossing each day enduring the rain, cold, mud, and hunger.

Jaume says: “One had no time to interact with the refugees. The confusion within the European Union and the decision of some countries to close their borders caused moments of intense suffering for the most vulnerable. At the time, I could not imagine that my work would be the workshop of God in which He would renew my faith, bring to me a greater understanding of the whole Gospel message, and allow me to experience the best and most intimate communion with the Holy Spirit that I have ever had.

“I later transferred to Greece. We tried to dignify and humanize this great humanitarian crisis, with the sincere distinctive of doing it in the name of Jesus and try to reveal His love in our actions. In the fields of northern Greece, I simply sat inside their tents, listened to their pain, frustration, and especially their terrible stories, offering some simple words of comfort for those who could understand my simple English. I prayed with and for them, which very few rejected.

“A poor Afghan family of five, almost abandoned in the refugee camp of about 14,000 people, had a 7-year-old son who had cerebral palsy. Doctors from a Spanish NGO had asked the Spanish government to transfer him to a hospital, but the answer was not forthcoming. In that little tent, my faith, my ministry, and everything I believed were challenged as never before. I had nothing to offer for the pain and bitterness of that family whose son was in imminent danger of death. Suddenly, a phrase from scripture rose with certainty in my heart, “I have no silver or gold, but what I do have, I give you.” The man looked me straight in the eyes and suddenly placed his son in my arms, so that in the name of a God whom he did not know of until then, I might raise a plea to heaven. The tent filled with an intense presence of God.

JTB“I left convinced that God had a unique opportunity to reveal Himself to that family. While later checking the news on the Internet, I read that the Foreign Affairs Minister (who is the only one who could approve), appeared in front of the media and announced that an Afghan family would be brought to Spain for urgent humanitarian reasons. I rushed to the family. When the father saw me, he ran to hug and kiss me like a brother, and though we had a language barrier, he pointed to the sky with his finger, and remembered the prayer we had prayed together.

“The boy, Osman, was hospitalized in Valencia, Spain, for almost 15 days and recovered in the ICU of the LaPaz (Peace) Hospital. I look forward to their learning a little Spanish so I can visit again and clearly share about Jesus and His message of love for their lives.”