Disaster relief has become all too familiar. No matter what direction you may look, tragedy and natural disasters are occurring every day. People’s lives have been turned upside down, with little assurance from the distress. Disaster will happen.

During the month of June, you can help Church of God World Missions be ready to help comfort those whose hope has been taken away by disaster.

Ken Anderson, long-time missionary, knows all too well how devastating a natural disaster affects untold numbers of individuals caught in the crossfire. A life lesson Ken learned from a former mentor is: “Never say ‘God bless you’ unless you are willing to be an instrument of that blessing.”

Church of God World Missions has provided humanitarian aid since the early days of her history. The denomination is known for going above and beyond to help the unfortunate, no matter where they exist. Disaster relief has positively affected our global Great Commission mandate … not just talking, but also acting.

Disaster relief covers an extensive arena—poverty, natural disasters, and civil wars. The most common disasters, earthquakes and hurricanes, take untold lives, and have lengthy recoveries. Often, before hurricane winds had ceased, or earthquakes had completely come to an end, the family of the Church of God through World Missions and its partnerships began sending assistance to the constituency and churches devastated by flooding and mudslides.

The ultimate result of our humanitarian efforts is that closed governments and those resistant to the Gospel become open to the message of salvation and Christ’s love. Compassion goes a long way to convince people someone genuinely cares.

No one individual, organization, or country can totally carry the load when it comes to humanitarian aid. Everyone is needed to do his/her part. World Missions has never hesitated its duty to help nor failed to show mercy. During the month of June, we can focus our efforts to be prepared to minister to those whose hearts were formerly closed.

Your participation with the entire family of faith brings about relief and adds new souls to the Kingdom of God.

Relief Fund Project Number 765-0036

To give online go to: cogwm.org/disaster