Robert Schmidt, missionary to Romania, knows full well that one act of kindness opens doors for other ministry to occur.

Upon visiting the village of Rupa where they went to give food and clothing, Bob asked if he could come back and dedicate a baby to the Lord. Not only did he get to dedicate the baby, but he was able to preach a message the Lord laid on his heart about the love God has for people, regardless of who they are or where they live. Anyone can trust the Lord, even when things look difficult. As a result, Bob was invited to return and to preach in revival meetings. Rupa is a small village with about 10 to 12 families, half are not Christians, but every person matters to the Lord.

Having watched people asking for food during the winter, the Schmidts began a year ago feeding as many people as possible.

Initially, those at the center pitched in to get started. Since then, several churches are assisting and the ministry has grown to feeding about 200 people a week in three villages—Gepiu, Tinaud, and Ineu.

In Gepiu, there are two separate gypsy communities. They intended on feeding just children, but the old people said, “What about us … we have nothing,” so they are fed, as well. In Tinaud, an extremely poor family without parents lives in a two-room shack, with one mattress on the floor. This is the same village where earlier parents slept in shifts because they had to watch for rats trying to eat their children’s feet. Mattresses are desperately needed. In Ineu, when the van pulls up to the place where the children are fed, they clap and shout. Rightfully so, the children are excited to eat warm food, learn songs, and hear more Bible stories.

Robert and Caroline Schmidt are living and preaching the gospel, but are only able to do ministry because of your financial partnership.

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