relief_slide2World Missions has always shown love and compassion in times of disaster, not only abroad, but here in the United States, as well. Many people migrating to the US arrive in Louisiana, a hub of diversity and cultures. Our churches in this area have multi-ethnicity in their congregations.

World Missions Director Dr. David Griffis and World Missions Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes are uniting with the general church to increase the financial assistance that is needed so desperately.

In an unprecedented flooding event, thousands of volunteers are amassing in Louisiana to assist in the relief efforts. Over 8,000 people remain in emergency shelters. The Church of God has its representation there through Operation Compassion and Men/Women of Action, as well as cooperating with other relief organizations.

The FINISH Commitment of the Church of God not only encompasses evangelizing and church growth, but also emphasizes relief to those in overwhelming conditions. To lend your support and receive World Missions credit, please send your donation to Project Number 765-0036-019.

Thank you for contributing to ease the trauma of our Church of God members.