Forty-three years ago January 2017, Kuulei and Tom O’Dowd were joined together in marriage in Honaunau, Hawaii.

Both still stand amazed how God brought a wild New York young man over 6,000 miles to the shores of Kona to witness to, win, woo, and then wed his beautiful flower … Kuuleilani-nani. In spite of coming from different places and cultures, God proved faithful. Years have come and gone and they remain strong in His grace.

The O’Dowds have given the world the message of His Word. They have been invited by Church of God teacher Benson Vaughan to teach missions classes at the Church of God Seminary (SEMISUD) in Quito, Ecuador. Tom is thrilled to teach world missions to students who will take the gospel into South America, as well as to the uttermost reaches of the world. The O’Dowds have been able to equip pastors and students from around the globe to go into North Africa, the Middle East, Malta, Asia, and other areas that need the Word of Jesus Christ.

Besides being active in their new church, Grace Fellowship Church of God, the O’Dowds will be doing some major missionary travels this year in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Malta, Albania, and Austria. They are praying about going into Asia, as well as back to Ecuador, visiting Paraguay and Chile while there. The O’Dowds have found God’s people are the same all over the world; we may be separated by geography and language, but we’re all united by the love, grace, and Spirit of God.

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