One of the most important events in the history of the church, in this particular Middle East area is the recent forming of an orchestra. Actually, the meaning of the word “orchestra” in this situation is playing instruments and then singing, alternately. Instruments comprising the orchestra are mandolins, mandolas, violins, flutes, guitars, and clarinets. An accordion popped up, as well.

The children are excited, even though most of them did not have any musical background and worked hard, taking about three months of intensive preparations and rehearsals. This type of praise is the first of its kind in the local congregations of the country to which our missionaries minister. The local church is now up to 50 adults with over 40 children. For those who helped pray for Sunday school teachers, God answered, and they now have more than one teacher for each class.

Terrorist attacks in the area have let up considerably, but once in a while the terrorists succeed in their “violent mission.” The missionaries try to mind the business of God’s kingdom, continuing in faith!

Our missionaries are grateful to the Lord for you, for your prayers, for your financial support, and for standing with them—some of whom have been alongside them for many years! All that is being accomplished is because of you who are their faithful coworkers on the mission field.

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