emily-in-thaiMissionary to Thailand Emily Green Yamazaki is in the States currently pursuing further studies at a seminary in Denver, Colorado. She is taking counseling and Bible courses, and is excited to develop her counseling skills and learn how to integrate her biblical worldview into her counseling in the future.

While here in the homeland, Emily worked with a kids ministry and the focus was on the Great Commission. The children learned they do not need to wait until they are grown up; they can do the work of missions now! The class discussed ways to share the gospel with their friends and family, and about ways to serve others in their own community. Emily emphasized overseas work by sharing photos and videos of her ministry in Thailand. The students asked questions about being a missionary and about life in Thailand. Another point of emphasis Emily approached was that of the importance of prayer in sharing the gospel. She encouraged the children to pray for the children they will become friends with in Thailand through correspondence. Included with the letters written were small erasers as gifts for the recipients in Thailand.

Emily also continues her Skype Bible study, but recently one session had to be rescheduled due to the weather in Bangkok. Her goal is to challenge and encourage the students in their walk with Christ, while challenging herself to maintain her Thai language skills during her education leave from the field. Even though she is not at her post on the field, she is still accomplishing missions ministry.

Emily Green Yamazaki