1C0A9724Missionaries to the Middle East and their two children were able to attend the 2016 General Assembly, thanks to the provision of the 2015 Year of the Missionary emphasis where Church of God missionaries enjoyed a full year of beneficial expressions of the denomination’s love for them, including paying for their expenses to the General Assembly.

While being back in the States was wonderful and offered them time to spend with family members, seeing old friends, and making new contacts, it was also a time of mixed emotions for the children. One child was ready to return to the field, but would miss here, too, especially the bacon. A touching statement was, “Being a missionary is a hard thing at times, but I know God understands.” The other child, however, was homesick for the Middle East and the food there.

The Parade of Nations left a life-long impression, as the family wore the traditional clothes of their area. Seeing such a large group of individuals representing regions from around the globe carrying flags moves one dramatically at the realization of the diversity of the Kingdom of God and the global scale of Christianity.

The entire family yearns to be where God has called them … their hearts lie in the deserts of the Middle East. They pray they can remain on the field for two to three more years before returning to itinerate, as the fields are ready for harvest.

The mission of God to redeem the world is bigger than all of us, but this family feels blessed to play such a small part of what God is doing in the world. With such dedication and passion for their calling, this family surely has committed to FINISH the Great Commission.

Project #065-0069.