img_1489-vita-meal The North Cleveland Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, is the longest continuing Pentecostal church in North America. She is also considered the Mother Church of the denomination. As such, North Cleveland is a trendsetter and leader in serving others. Partnership with other humanitarian organizations furthers the church’s impact.

Recently, North Cleveland partnered with Operation Compassion, an international and domestic humanitarian organization. Most often, OC arrives on the scene of a disaster before another relief is realized. Delivering critical aid, OC assists 25 million people every year, in the form of a meal, a surgical pack, providing medical aid, a textbook that educates for the future, shoes, and clothes for those in need. From its beginning, OC has helped start hundreds of nonprofit charities and trained tens of thousands of volunteers for humanitarian work, involving them in serving the poor.

img_0947-delivery-in-iranIn this current effort of cooperation, North Cleveland gave Operation Compassion an offering of $4,000 to assist sending a container of 150,000 meals for malnourished children in Erbil, Iraq. The containers arrived and the meals were distributed. Another church also partnered with this outreach … the church in Erbil that was started by Saint Thomas 2,000 years ago! Christians driven out of Mosul by Isis fled to Erbil.

What an opportunity for expressing the love of Christ in a tangible way—a way that will not be soon forgotten.