His name is Beam, and he is a 21-year-old student in Andrew Quinley’s History of English class at the university in Thailand.

Beam has a heart condition that when he exerts himself, his heart beats faster and seems to have no slow-down switch … increasing in speed until exhaustion, usually meaning he faints. His mother and brother have the same condition.

Andrew has talked with Beam, who expresses great mental and physical stress from the condition. A doctor told him he needed surgery to put an electrode in his heart that would shock it back into a regular rhythm—alas, the cost of $3,500 is not an option. Andrew had prayer with Beam and assured him others would be praying, too, for his healing, and trusting God to do a miracle. Hopefully, the financial need can be met for the surgery, as well.

Beam is a prisoner in his own body—and that is why he tried to commit suicide five times, once sitting and staring at a knife in his hand for two hours. Jesus can put His hand on Beam’s heart and cause it to grow stronger. Please lend your prayers to this urgent need, and maybe you also would like to donate to enable him to have surgery to correct the problem.

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