Highlighted as one of the World Missions’ “Send the Light to the Cities” emphasis, Moscow, Russia, will be a challenge now that the law has changed in Russia with regard to missionary activities and sharing one’s faith.

The Church of God entered Russia in 1992 and met with relative success. However, more discipleship was necessary and growth became slow. At the time, many USA churches made Russia a priority in their support and countless pastors traveled to minister and establish the church.

In recent days, legislation has been signed stating there is to be NO evangelizing outside the church!  While supposedly directed at extreme Islam, the law can also be interpreted against Protestants, especially evangelicals. This law carries over into personal evangelization and online efforts. Any citizen wanting to share his faith must secure a government permit, which is still limited to only church and religious sites.

With this type of religious climate permeating the capital city, Moscow becomes a focus for concerted prayer. Getting the “Light” into such an environment of religious resistance will take miracles and intervention by God. The churches already established in Moscow and Russia will struggle to maintain and survive but can by God’s grace and power.

World Missions asks you to pray for God to go before and accomplish all that He has ordained for this season and that He will direct the steps and actions of leadership for effective ministry to a city desperately in need of the “Light.”

Project Number 102-9435-008