screen-shot-2015-06-01-at-4-01-14-pmMissionaries in a Middle East country are awed by the varied visitors they host: a young Church of God minister from Japan; a worship team from Berlin; old friends from Norway; a Chinese missionary to Chinese-speaking students in the United Kingdom; a Puerto Rican couple now ministering in Florida; and Brazilian pastors. The visitors worship with the missionaries on Sundays (they love the songs), and then they return to their homelands with testimonies of God’s wonderful deeds. The missionaries state: “We are enriched by their faith and they are blessed by staying with us!”

For the past two years, plans to build a Christian radio station have been in the works and has finally been granted permission to proceed. The station’s main purpose will be to reach refugees displaced from their homes in several Middle East countries. The broadcasts will be 24 hours a day. The missionaries have been asked to assemble a team of Christians to minister at the radio station. They are excited to be able to take part in sharing the Good News to people who have lost their livelihoods and are desperate. Appropriately, the station will be called “The Voice of Hope.”

Since perilous times have escalated in the Middle East, testimonies of Muslims turning to Christ (once they hear the gospel clearly explained) are more frequent. Together we can be part of the great end-time harvest. As you help send harvesters into His field, you are fulfilling the Great Commission!

Project Number 065-0446