chirileanu-daniel-2009-595x446The Bread of Life Orphanage and Feeding Center in Romania often serves as a lifeboat for families in severe distress.

It is not uncommon in many countries for orphanages to be called upon as temporary care facilities while a family recovers from a setback that would otherwise put the children at risk. Daniel was one such child. He entered the orphanage with his brother in 2009, and stayed for several years as their family situation was put back together. Eventually, though, the children went home.

daniel-2016-e1471339962771However, Daniel’s story does not end with a return home. Bread of Life always attempts to keep in contact with their children, even when they are no longer “their children”, and thus when Daniel was ready to enter High School, he was offered the chance to enter the orphanage’s Youth Transition Program, which ensures the children of the orphanage receive a complete education and spiritual discipleship before they enter the adult world. Daniel gladly accepted the opportunity to attend a Christian High School, to become part of a local church, and to receive discipleship and mentoring.

“Our goal is to help the children acquire life skills they will need and develop a personal relationship with God. Please pray that Daniel will succeed in both areas of life.”

Bread of Life Orphanage and Feeding Center