poppi-smithOn a recent ministry trip to Hong Kong, Poppi Smith, wife of Tommy Smith, regional superintendent/representative South Pacific Region/Indonesia, experienced chest and arm pains during a flight.

For the past couple of months, Poppi occasionally would not feel well while walking and have to stop and rest. After arriving in Hong Kong, she felt better after resting, but Tommy decided to call a cardiologist in Singapore whose credentials included a post-doctoral practice at Duke. Based upon the emergency medical tests, the doctor indicated Poppi might require a stent … tests showed a blockage. An angiogram was done immediately to prevent possible future heart attacks. Other individuals were contacted to pray.

Poppi continued to pray David’s prayer of Psalm 23, especially during the medical procedures. Specifically, the prayer was no need for a stent. God answered in a marvelous way. The two blockages were small enough to be treated with medicine alone! No stents!

After an extended stay in Singapore to ensure no complications from the medicine, the Smiths are back home in Jakarta, Indonesia, feeling much gratitude to God for His power to heal.

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