We have found that after you enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, there is no greater purpose in life than “missions.”

In 2017, we have many opportunities to serve out this “calling.”  We have chosen to stand alongside national workers in S.E. Asia as support missionaries.  What does this entail?  We encourage, motivate, mobilize, and train national workers as they work on the frontlines to reach their own.

On any given day, we could be busy 24/7 with counselling and working with families (weddings, baptisms, dedications of buildings or vehicles, in government offices leading a Bible study, etc., OR just leading a group of pastors out to the seashore to pray for the people they are ministering to). One thing is certain; we know that Jesus is with us and the Holy Spirit is guiding as we watch faces “light up” in understanding or acknowledgement of a Father who loves them individually and only wants them to acknowledge Him as the most high God.

The people draw us … their growth, their success in ministry, their contentment in serving, and their leading others to follow behind them in the work established.  That is what draws us to missions.

May God bless us all, and those He sends wherever they may serve on this big globe!

Richard A. and Linda J. Johnson, Sioux Falls, SD


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