Chris Swift, regional superintendent of Western Europe, in his recent newsletter says: “One of the exciting things about Europe is how many of the old buildings are now being used for the spreading of the Gospel.

“A beautiful château in the Belgian village of Thieusies has hosted many conferences for young people from throughout Europe, including the Church of God. Of course, adults are also welcome.

“A Western European Women’s Retreat was held earlier this year in this same location. The retreat included women from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.”

Chris’s wife, Kathy, received many praise reports following the retreat from ladies whose lives were touched and who received fresh anointing and blessing. In Madrid, Spain, several hundred women gathered from all over the country for a similar conference. During the conference, 20 received Christ as Savior and countless others were touched and delivered. At the conclusion of the retreat on Sunday, another eight were saved, as well as many others who were set free and were filled with the Holy Spirit.