Giving Above and Beyond “Intentions”rio-griffis-hepperly-banquest_0487

“To go boldly in Christ where no one dares, to shine His light, to share His name, to meet the need, to help, to feed, to reach this world ’til Kingdom come.”

With a resounding affirmation of this theme, RIO Missions President and Pastor Ron Hepperly and over 200 supporters, leaders, and friends of RIO Missions gathered Friday night, November 11, for their annual celebration of what God is doing around the world.

RIO Missions’ commitment to “Loving God, Empowering Families and Reaching the World” has led to more than 16 years of global impact, 600,000 plus reached, 200,000 plus salvations and 1000 plus church plants.

Joining the celebration as guest speaker was Dr. David M. Griffis, General Director of Church of God World Missions, who inspired his listeners with the admonition that “The Bible is a Book of Missions” from Genesis to Revelation, because God is a God of Missions and following the example of Jesus, we too must fulfill the Great Commission.

Pastor Ron Hepperly is being used of God in novel and groundbreaking ways. Pastor Ronnie, as he is known to his church, is the senior pastor of the RIO network of churches, based in Maryville, Tennessee, near Knoxville. RIO serves communities from its original site and other locations, and is also a global missions and church planting organization.

rio-hepperly-jar_0479Although the participants at this banquet were a reflection of the broad support and reach of this vital ministry, using a small plastic jar with a faded white label and a slit in the top, Pastor Hepperly illustrated the “missions money” faithfully saved by an elderly member of the congregation who recently died. With the impact of this little story, he challenged everyone present to give above and beyond their “intentions” as this dear lady did with untold joy.