Many children’s lives have been changed for the good through a continual eight-year project that provides a well-balanced meal and an education in a small interior village in Lela, Kenya, Africa, where Dr. Kathy Swift lived and rendered missions work for several years prior to her marriage to Bishop Christian Swift, the regional superintendent of Western Europe.

Although Kathy now lives in Western Europe, the project daily operates through the efficient hands of dependable Kenyans who have embraced the vision as their own, along with Kathy and her ministries. Meals for over 1800 are provided every week in the small school of 600 students.

Amazingly, the Kenyan government chose this small school in the interior as a place to build a complete new complex for children ages 4 to 8. Why here? Because of the healthy atmosphere of education and the food provided by the eight-year feeding project!

The initial building built by donations in 2010 was an added room to cook—out of the hot equator sunshine and at other times, periods of heavy rain. The next building was erected all by hand … a beautiful sanctuary. The project now is drilling a well for the village.

Your donations and support impact lives through humanitarian needs, but more important, provides a means to share daily the love of Jesus.

Thank you for your partnership and support … Project #065-0855 (Kenya)